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If you find a broken link, please let us know at the Beta Journal...We cannot help with the page links beyond and not in the Beta Journal Domain...If you find an out-dated page, please contact that chapter, council and individual...Angelfire and Tripod pages have quite a few pop up adds...Geocities pages have banners on the sides and don't seem to cause as many problems...Most of these pages have been done on free servers at one time...Always remember that the people, chapters and councils can only update if the person doing them is around or continues; otherwise, the web pages go abandoned on their end...We still list non-updated pages, yet broken links are removed if we know about them - Karen Ing...

Listing of Beta Sigma Phi Links

Please update your link yearly with us, or let us know when you wish to discontinue the link

Welcome to On Line Links to Web pages in the Beta Journal

Courtesy of the Wenatchee Convention 2004

Welcome to the Beta Journal links section. All website links to International, Councils, On Line and Land Chapters and Resource Sites are available on one page in an easy to access listing.

Look for the council and chapter in your area and click to go to their webpages. we understand that some pages are abandoned by their owners or have not been updated of which is easy to do.

We are asking our members to let us know when a page is missing or seems to be taken down. As always, we welcome your input at the Beta Journal!

As we build these links to the chapter and council webpages, it will become an excellent source for making contacts with areas if you find yourself among the transferees.


Council Links (34 Links)...

Alamo City Council San Antonio, TX
Albuquerque, New Mexico City Council
Austin, Texas City Council
Anchorage, Alaska City Council
British Columbia City Council
Calgary Alberta City Council
Camino Real California City Council
Charleston South Carolina City Council
Elyria Ohio City Council
Houston Texas City Council
Johnson County, Kansas City Council
Kincardine Ontario City Council
Las Vegas Nevada City Council
Little Rock City Council of BSP
Jacksonville, Florida City Council of BSP

Nashville, Tennessee City Council of BSP
North Whidbey Island City Council of BSP
Northern California Council
Northern Orange County Council - Southern California Added 11/14/2009
Orange Coast California Council
Orlando Florida City Council
Orlando Florida City Council Facebook Page
(Group Facebook Page)

Ottawa Ontario City Council
Portland, Oregon City Council Changed (10/2011)
Plano, Texas City Council Added (07/26/16)
Prince George British Columbia City Council
Redding Area City Council
Sacramento City Council
South Atlanta City Council is located in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Newnan, GEORGIA
St. Charles, Missouri City Council
Savannah-Chatham, Georgia City Council
Tallahassee Florida City Council
Tampa, Florida City Council
Ontario, Thunder Bay City Council
Texas Southwest Houston City Council
Mississauga Canada Council
Toronto Canada Council NEW

Land Chapter Links (124 Links) Blogs, My Space/Facebook Chapter Pages Are Becoming Popular! Don't Forget to Twitter....

Alabama Xi Beta Alpha
Alberta Epsilon Master
Alaska Alpha
Arizona Preceptor Alpha Upsilon (Photos)
Arizona Preceptor Alpha Upsilon (Blog Socials/Programs/Meetings)
Arkansas Theta Beta
Arkansas Xi Beta Xi
British Columbia Laureate Alpha Psi (Updated: 01/09/2010)
British Columbia Laureate Eta (Updated: 01/09/2010)
British Columbia Preceptor Alpha Zeta
British Columbia Preceptor Beta Gamma (Updated: 01/09/2010)
British Columbia Theta Nu (Updated: 01/09/2010)
British Columbia Theta Phi (Updated: 01/09/2010)
British Columbia Theta Rho
British Columbia Upsilon Master (Updated: 01/09/2010)
California Delta Alpha Phi
California Delta Kappa Chi
California Delta Nu Kappa

California Delta Xi Alpha (for inquiries/new members)
California Laureate Beta
California Preceptor Mu Omicron
California Tau Beta
California Xi Gamma Tau
Milford, Delaware Nu Chapter
Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta
Florida Alpha Beta Iota
Florida Alpha Delta Beta NEW
Florida Alpha Epsilon
Florida Alpha Omega Master
Florida Eta
Florida Eta Master
Florida Lambda
Florida Laureate Beta Psi
Florida Laureate Delta Sigma
Florida Laureate Gamma Iota
Florida Phi Beta Nu
Florida Preceptor Eta Eta
Florida Preceptor Eta Psi
Florida Preceptor Iota Epsilon
Florida Xi Beta Kappa
Florida Xi Mu Beta
Florida Xi Xi
Florida Xi Xi Nu
Georgia Kappa Pi
Georgia Lambda Alpha
Georgia Lambda Beta

Georgia Theta
Georgia Theta Mu
Georgia Theta Xi
Georgia Xi Beta Lambda
Georgia Xi Zeta Gamma
Georgia Laureate Rho
Germany Theta
Illinois Xi Theta Lambda
Hawaii Alpha
Iowa Lambda Chi
Iowa Nu Lambda
Kansas Beta
Kansas Delta Phi
Kansas Rho Upsilon
Louisiana Alpha
Maryland Gamma Chi
Massachussets Delta Pi
Michigan Phi Delta Nu
Michigan Preceptor Gamma Beta
Missouri Alpha Epsilon Delta
Missouri Xi Kappa Mu
Missouri Xi Lambda Pi
Missouri Xi Mu Zeta
New Jersey Xi Beta Upsilon
New York Laureate Alpha Beta
Ohio Alpha Theta Master
Ohio Alpha Upsilon Master
Ohio Gamma Epsilon
Ohio Gamma Epsilon
Ohio Laureate Sigma
Ohio Preceptor Epsilon Rho
Ohio Preceptor Theta
Ohio Preceptor Zeta Delta
Ohio Upsilon Alpha
Ohio Xi Gamma Epsilon
Ontario Alpha Master
Ontario Alpha Theta Master
Ontario Alpha Upsilon Master
Ontario Beta Eta Master
Ontario Laureate Alpha Iota
Ontario Laureate Alpha Upsilon
Ontario Laureate Alpha Zeta
Ontario Laureate Beta
Ontario Laureate Gamma Sigma
Ontario Laureate Lambda
Ontario Preceptor Alpha Lambda
Ontario Preceptor Epsilon Pi
Ontario Preceptor Epsilon Eta
Ontario Preceptor Sigma
Ontario Sigma New Link 11/07/2008
Ontario Sigma Master
Ontario Xi Beta Mu
Ontario Zeta
Pennsylvania Nu Eta
Pennsylvania Nu Iota
Pennsylvania Nu Iota
South Carolina Alpha Master
South Carolina Delta Sigma
South Carolina Laureate Zeta
South Carolina Preceptor Alpha Alpha
South Carolina Preceptor Upsilon
South Carolina Xi Alpha Alpha
South Carolina Xi Alpha Omega
South Carolina Xi Chi
South Carolina Xi Zeta
South Dakota Alpha Theta
Tennessee Iota Pi
Tennessee Xi Delta Omicron
Texas Alpha Gamma Omicron
Texas Beta Delta
Texas Beta Epsilon Theta
Texas Beta Eta Pi
Texas Beta Iota Chi
Texas Beta Lambda Lambda
Texas Beta Zeta Lambda
Texas Laureate Gamma Zeta
Texas Pi Sigma
Texas Xi Chi Sigma
Virginia Iota Tau Please wait for this page to load.
Virginia Xi Zeta Eta
Zimbabwe Alpha

On Line Council & Chapter Links... (New Online Chapters)

Cyber City Council

On Line Alpha
On Line Alpha Omega
On Line Alpha Phi
On Line Beta
On Line Chi
On Line Delta
On Line Eta Updated Monthly
On Line Gamma
On Line Kappa
On Line Lambda
On Line Psi
On Line Sigma
On Line Theta
On Line Zeta
On Line Xi
On Line Omicron
On Line Iota
On Line Alpha Alpha

On Line Membership Application to any of the 19 On Line Chapters Listed Above!

Sisters Personal Pages (More Sister Personal/Business Pages to Come...)

Carolyn's Crafts Creations, and Decor
Mary Malins
BeautiControl Gail H. Keefe, Senior Consultant

Beta Journal Editor's Web Page Picks...

Kincardine Ontario City Council

Alabama Xi Beta Alpha
Prince George British Columbia City Council

Sacramento City Council
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Strawberry Patch
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Strawberry Patch Party Pages
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Pledge Training - Part I
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Pledge Training - Part II
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