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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


E -- 2nd Golden Thread

Electing the Right People to the Right Office . . .

In quilting, there is a saying: "Measure twice, cut once." it means you measure, then remeasure before cutting fabric. Being careful prevents wasteful errors. When we quilt, we need to think and work carefully. In Beta Sigma Phi, we need to think and vote carefully when election time rolls around.

All too often in chapter and council elections, the vote becomes more of a popularity contest than a selection of the best candidates. When you get right down to it, nominating a dear friend for an office for which she is not qualified is not an act of friendship.

Each of us should give careful advanced thought to those who will be nominated and those for whom we will vote for each office. Each office requires a special skill for which some members are better suited than others.

We need to think carefully when we cast our ballots.

Examples of two vice-presidents ... re: transferee experience

First VP -- never called. When the transferee called her, the VP asked all kinds of questions. After they were answered she said, "I don't think you'd fit into our chapter" and proceeded to hang-up on her! This transferee quit Beta Sigma Phi at that moment! She paid her Int'l dues for 5 years and remained a Member-at-Large. Her husband eventually accepted a different job in another state. They moved again and she sincerely hoped Int'l would never discover her new address! They did, however, and contacted the local membership in her new city.

Second VP -- called her! She was very friendly, encouraging. The transferee was invited to a Transferee Tea scheduled for the end of that same week. She told the VP she just wasn't interested. When asked why, she explained what had happened previously. This VP said they weren't that way here and told the transferee to think about attending and she'd call back in three days. The transferee thought this VP would forget about calling back, but she did! In her own sweet Beta Sigma Phi way she convinced the transferee to attend and arranged to pick-her-up and personally take her. The transferee attended that tea, and as Paul Harvey says "you know the rest of the story..." --- for I was that transferee!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to elect the right people to the right office.

Like learning to quilt. we must pay attention to doing things in Beta Sigma Phi as they should and need to be done. Beta Sigma Phi exists for our enjoyment! It provides us with numerous opportunities to learn, to grow. to accept, to tolerate, to give the best that is in us, to recognize the best in elect the right people to the right office!
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