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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


G - 7th Golden Thread

Graciousness . . .

On page 53 of The Book of Beta Sigma Phi under Traditions, it says this:
"A Beta Sigma Phi is known by her graciousness charm, poise, hospitality...
friendliness, loyalty, leadership, self-expression & appreciation of the fine art."

Graciousness ... the first word used to describe us. It means: `having or showing kindness, courtesy, charm; being compassionate; making others feel at ease . . .

Basic to Beta Sigma Phi is the graciousness with which we welcome our TRANSFEREES as well as prospective members. Those of you who have transferred your membership know the importance and meaning of what it's like to be shown .. graciousness ..... to be shown kindness, courtesy; to receive compassion; to being made to feel at ease in a new city, or in a new chapter.

For our quilt to have a truly rich look, bringing pieces of beautiful fabric from other places will always do the trick! And so it is with our transferees and new members.

Int'l hears way too often from transferees [or prospective members who've been told they'd be contacted] saying they've been in town for months and hear nothing from the local membership. On the other hand, having been the city council contact person or council 1st VP responsible for transferees, I'm aware of the difficulty it can sometimes be to make contact with transferees and prospective members. We must persevere! We must remain gracious to them. We must show compassion! Members can feel a real sense of loss during a transfer especially when contact is NOT made by the chapters or councils advised by Int'l of the transferee's existence. Beta Sigma Phi is a friend that you carry with you always, to see you through the tough times of adjusting to new surroundings. To be without the warmth of our Sisterhood day-to-day is a disappointment. Chapters and councils need to realize the impact Beta Sigma Phi has on its members and the loss we can feel without its nearness. Think about not having the comfort and security of your chapter's special quilt, of no longer feeling warm and cozy with people whom you care about and who you know care about you.

We must always extend our graciousness ... it is a very strong and important thread to use in stitching our quilt!

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