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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


B -- 1st Golden Thread


are basic to Beta Sigma Phi. They are a means to an end. It is basic to conduct our chapter and city council meetings with finesse [skill, diplomacy] with a minimum amount of time spent on discussing uninteresting details [that is to be done in committee]. Our meetings are not a forum for the opinionated, or the negative, or the pessimistic.They are for an honest expression of the Good, True and Beautiful. THAT IS BASIC Beta Sigma Phi!

Our councils, local or area, however large or small, are not legislative bodies - or shouldn't be. They are groups that are gathered by membership choice to see that the Good, True & Beautiful permeates all aspects of our organization. They provide a chance to meet members outside our chapter, to widen our circle of Friendship and to accomplish in tandem what we cannot do alone.

What makes business meetings exciting or enjoyable is that they are:

  • short
  • to the point
  • decisive
  • leave members with the feeling that the end result, the accomplishment of whatever is being planned, is being reached quickly
  • Officers and Committee Chairmen are prepared with agendas and reports
  • Members understanding the order of business
  • Members understanding when discussion should take place
  • Members making written notes of decisions, assignments and pertinent info about any coming activities
  • Secret to a good business meeting lies in behind-the-scenes committee planning. After a brief; concise report the chapter should NOT hold long discussions about details. This is considered a waste of time and effort often resulting in nobody knowing what has actually been decided. Members ideas may be briefly given to the committee to be worked out and later reported. Holding committee meetings during the business meeting will result in long, drawn-out meetings.
  • Most overly long meetings become repetitious and dull because they need a good dose of parliamentary procedure. No discussion takes place unless it concerns a motion on the floor. Be prepared to keep this rule! The purpose of using parliamentary procedure is to give courtesy and justice to every member, consideration of only one thing at a time, to give every member a chance to be heard, and an understanding that the majority decision prevails.
  • Discourage excessive talk
  • Look for the time-wasters:
    Disorganized committees not prepared ahead of time
    Compulsive talkers
    Long. boring reports
    Watch those motions! When one has been sufficiently discussed. call for a vote!

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   Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi
   B -- 1st Golden Thread - - Business Meetings
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