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This is all the art that was put online since we began our online journey with Beta Sigma Phi. Enjoy!

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The Story of Our Sorority Flower

The yellow rose is the most beautiful of our sorority symbols. It has been a part of Beta Sigma Phi since the earliest years of our organization.

The choice of this flower came about one day when Lynn Terry, the creator of many of our rituals, and field staff member Ellen Louise McMullen Price were visiting with Stockton, California member Grace Johnson. As they left Grace´s home, they were both overwhelmed with the beauty of a yellow rosebush growing outside her door. Lynn and Ellen Louise sent in a suggestion to our founder, Walter Ross, that the yellow rose become our sorority flower.

Ever since that time, this flower denoting friendship has been a much loved symbol of our sisterhood. Each of us, over time, accumulates our very own bouquet of yellow rose memories. Always, you will express good taste at any sorority function if you have plenty of beautiful yellow roses. They create an atmosphere of beauty and warmth and shall ever serve as a constant reminder to us of Love and Friendship.


A Yellow Rose, as fresh as dew
Beauteous being, what are you?

A Candle Flame aspiring, bright,
What is the meaning of your light?

Greek letters three of Black and Gold
What is the message you enfold?

"To Live," the Greek letters answered me,
"To Learn, and befriend humanity."

"A Torch," I heard, the candle say
"And a Vision am I to LIGHT THE WAY"

The Rose responded, "What am I?"
...the HEART of Beta Sigma Phi.


From the Pledge Ritual -- (The Book of Ritual - Beta Sigma Phi)

"The yellow rose is the flower of this organization, signifying in its purity and freshness the wholesomeness of our undertaking."


From the Order of the Rose Ritual -- (The Book of Ritual - Beta Sigma Phi)

"In the time of Diotima, in the place of Mantinea, the rose was dedicated as the Queen of Flowers. Her sovereignty has never waned. Regal in form, enchanting in color, exquisitely fragrant, she lends her majesty as graciously to the humblest garden as to the stately acres.

It is fitting, therefore, that the rose, choicest among the many beautiful blossoms of this earth, should have been chosen as the flower of Beta Sigma Phi. It is fitting, also, that the yellow rose, joyous and sunny in its hue, should be the flower of our organization.

It is dear to us for its freshness and purity. In times of sorrow, and in times of gladness it is with us, always a reminder of the special love and understanding of our Sisterhood."

                                    "My Yellow Rose of Peace"

When I give to you a yellow rose
I wish you the peace
That only heaven knows
As you look upon its beauty
And feel the love
Know that our friendship
Is blessed from above
Accept my yellow rose
With love and peace
I pray that your joy in the Lord
Will never cease
When He comes to take you
From this land
May He walk with you in eternity
Hand in hand.


If you were unable to attend a Founder's Day celebration, one has been done for members online and in land chapters by Karen and the Beta Journal in PDF. 

A list of themes is available for download 

Beta Sigma Phi Clip Art colorized
courtesy of Torch Department, Beta Sigma Phi International & Beta Journal Online

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New Pieces of Additional
Power of the Dream 2020 - 2021 Theme Art. Click on images to enlarge them.
courtesy of Karen M. Ing & The Beta Journal

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