Beta Sigma Phi Clip Art From Dust Into Stardust (1998-1999 Theme) Clip Art

From Dust Into Stardust (1998-1999 Theme) Clip Art courtesy of Beta Sigma Phi International

To download the the entire sheet of clip art, click here. WARNING! Depending on your computer, you may not have enough memory allocated to download the entire sheet. Select and download the individual gifs instead. The clip art is in GIF format only. If you are unable to convert to the format you need, please E-mail The Beta Journal.

Please don't link to these clip art gifs on my server. Please download them and put them on your own server. To use these, you must save the image so you can use your own copy. See directions below.

  1. Point your mouse over the clip art.
  2. Right click the mouse button and select "Save Image as..."
  3. Left click on "Save Image as...", then click on OK to save it to your disk.
  4. Remember what directory you are saving the image into, so you can find it later.

Beta Sigma Phi Clip Art courtesty of The Beta Journal

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