Diotima Clip Art
Diotima Clip Art

Diotima Clip Art
courtesy of Marilyn Ross

Select and download the individual jpegs/gifs. The clip art is in JPEG or GIF format. If you are unable to convert to the format you need, please E-mail The Beta Journal.

Please don't link to these clip art jpegs/gifs on my server. Please download them and put them on your own server. To use these, you must save the image so you can use your own copy. See directions below.

1. If it shows "Click thumbnail to download", first click on the clip art.
2. Point your mouse over the clip art.
3. Right click the mouse button and select "Save Image as..."
4. Left click on "Save Image as...", then click on OK to save it to your disk.
5. Remember what directory you are saving the image into, so you can find it later.
6. Please do not use a word processing program to view clip art.
7. A graphics program should be used to view, manipulate and save clip art to insert into your word processing program.
8. Check your printer settings before printing clip art (make sure you are not on draft quality).
9. WARNING! Enlarging the clip art in your graphics program, may result in distortion and loss of quality.

Image is 525 x 643
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 2220 x 2720
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 300 x 430
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 829 x 1189
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 1355 x 1236
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 589 x 649
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 2029 x 957
Click thumbnail to download
Image is 1033 x 713
Click thumbnail to download

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