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" In April 1931, a man set out from Kansas City, Missouri, traveling westward. Where was his destination?

Miles passed, as did highway signs bearing names of approaching cities. And then, a sign with the word-"Abilene." Perhaps he wondered if the pioneers of this city had taken the word from the Bible where it meant a "grassy plain." It sounded cool, and the day had been very warm; evening was approaching, but he was not too tired to admire the beauty of the trees hemming both sides of the highway toward the city's business district. Perhaps youthful smiles seemed to welcome him here, or the large bright sunflower sign on a clean looking hotel seemed to bid him stop and rest.

The stranger did stop for the night at our Sunflower Hotel.
Perhaps, after dinner, he strolled about town. It was a clean looking city.

Time to retire, as he wanted to leave early in the morning. He took a look at his road map-here's Abilene-almost in the center of the United States. Yes-he must begin somewhere-he must make contacts in order to start interest in his idea for a non-academic Sorority, a social and cultural organization of lofty ideals for young women. Why Not start in the middle of the U.S.A.? Abilene! Surely there were just as many young women here who would be interested and eager to broaden their cultural and social interests as anywhere.

Oh well. He'd think it over in the morning.
Morning, and fully rested, he hurried down to the lobby to discover an acquaintance in the desk clerk. They visited a few minutes and in the course of the conversation he told the clerk of his plan for a Sorority. The clerk became interested and introduced him to a young lady working at the desk. He ventured a few casual questions in regard to clubs and societies in Abilene. She told him that most of the organizations were for older women and for those who were at home all day.

He told her of his plan for an organization for young women, of the study program, and the social aspects. He knew she was interested by the eager light in her eyes, but she wondered if such a wonderful dream could come true. "Go talk to my sister" she said, "and I'll talk to some of my friends."

From her sister to a friend-and from a friend to another friend, he went telling of his dream, and a stranger no longer was he.

And so, Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi came into being in Abilene, Kansas . . . . April 30, 1931.

" --- Written by Grace Angst - Kansas Alpha, Abilene - April, 1941 & Part of the Strawberry Patch by Marilyn Ross


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More Participation from Chapter Reps Needed

New Board 2020-2021:

PR - Cherie

VP - Katie

RS - Jenielle


Cyber Council Meeting


Cyber Council Meeting


Cyber Council Meeting



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Cyber Council Meeting


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In 1996 members began to use the Internet to expand connections between Beta Sigma Phi sisters. They talked and shared ideas then asked International if they could try to create chapters online.

International agreed to have Online chapters formed as an experiment to determine if Online chapters could really work and what formats the members preferred. The Online chapters operated for nearly 10 years in an experimental form.

In 2005, Online chapters were recognized officially, allowing members who belonged to them but were not members of an existing “land” chapter to receive degree credit for their online participation. International also allowed each Online chapter to decide if they wished to be an official chapter or just a social chapter. At this time we have a mix of both officially recognized Online chapters and social Online chapters.

By being official, Online chapters follow the rules and regulations of Beta Sigma Phi. However, due to their uniqueness of having members from all over the world participating in these chapters, additional rules have been set up to cover their special needs.

1. Full members of Online chapters are those who belong only to an Online chapter.
2. Members who are active with “land” chapters shall be virtual members of their Online chapters. They do not receive degree credit for their Online chapter participation however these meetings will count as a make up meeting for their “land” chapter.
3. Online chapters must hold programs in order to be accredited chapters. They should have 18 programs per year if possible but no fewer than 12 per year.
4. Rituals may be held online but whenever possible, formal and in person Rituals should be held.
5. Online chapters may pledge members directly into their chapters and pledge train those members through online meetings.
6. Online chapters are held to the same rules as all chapters of Beta Sigma Phi with the addition of those necessary to cover their special online circumstances.
7. Online chapters will send their chapter minutes and chapter monthly reports to International by mail or fax as any other Beta Sigma Phi Chapter.
8. Online chapters will not have degree designation but will be multi degree chapters. Members wanting to use jewelry designating their chapters should pick their own degree unless a special Online chapter form is available.
9. We strongly urge Online chapters not to hold treasuries due to possible oversight. If chapters wish to do large service projects, we suggest members send the money directly to the entity with the notation that it is part of the Online chapter project.

The addition of Online chapters has been a wonderful experience for our members and one we feel will only grow in the future.

From the 2004 edition of “The Book of Beta Sigma Phi” Page 53 & Courtesy of Beta Sigma Phi International







Standing Rules

Sharing Reports

Officers 2020-2021
Office Name Chapter Duties
President Cherie Sneed OnLineTheta
  • chair meetings, ensure motions are in order and discussion held before voting.
Vice President Katie Hicks OnLineAlphaGamma
  • assist the President and preside in her absence
Recording Secretary Jenielle Balkowski OnLineAlphaAlpha
  • maintain a recap record of all meetings and motions
  • maintain a record of member chapters and their representatives
  • preside in case of the absence or inability of both the President and Vice President
Correspondent Committee
(Mailing list)
  Sheila (Alder) Brown OnLineSigma
  • maintain mailing list (and backup for web site maintenance)
  • act as liaison with International and Beta Journal
  • count votes and report to Moderator and Recorder
Correspondent Committee
(Web site)
Karen Ing OnLineEta
  • maintain web site (and backup for mailing list maintenance)
  • act as liaison with International and Beta Journal
  • count votes and report to Moderator and Recorder
Cyber Council Members - Contact the Cyber Council The President with Issues, Concerns, or Changes
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The Council is to coordinate and disseminate communications among online chapters, International and all online sisters. This involves information concerning online groups, online gatherings, land conventions, information to assist groups with programs, projects and any events or matters of concern pertaining to Beta Sigma Phi.

This Council is to be the central contact for Beta Sigma Phi on-liners which would bring all on-liners together with information involving our sisterhood and our compassion and responsibility to each other as Sisters.

This Council is to provide a link for transferring sisters, MAL, or sisters who are traveling and wish to meet other sisters while doing so.
The BSP Cyber Council will start the bi-monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the odd months at 7 PM CST and last through the second Wednesday at 10 PM, unless the President finds it necessary to extend the meeting.
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On Line Chapters

Email Karen for a personal contact for sisters looking for an online chapter

Cyber Council Chapters
  • OnLineBeta
    • Formed July 1997
    • Monthly meetings
    • 64 members (Cap 75)
    • Visitors for Make-Up Land Chapters Meetings are Welcome
    • Accepting New Members Are On Hold
  • OnLineDelta
    • Formed May 1998
    • Monthly meetings
    • 38 members (Cap 45)
    • Pledge Trains. Accepts New Members
    • Openings, accepting applications
  • OnLineEta
    • Formed October 1998
    • Monthly meetings
    • Accepts Visitors for Make-Up Land Chapter Meetings
    • Pledge Trains
    • Accepts New Members
    • 45 members (No Cap), still accepting applications
    • Contact Karen
    • Cyber Council Reps for 2017-2018 are: Greta, Carol, and Karen I.
  • OnLineSigma
    • Formed April 1999
    • Monthly meetings
    • 25 members (cap 30), still accepting applications, Accepts New Members, and Welcomes Land Chapter Guests to Make Up Meetings
    • Contact Sigma VP
  • OnLineTheta
    • Formed May 1999
    • Monthly meetings
    • 20 members (cap 25)
    • Pledge Trains, Accepts New Members, and Welcomes Land Chapter Guests to Make Up Meetings
    • New Member is contacted and added to the mail list
    • The new member must visit for a month before being voted on for membership into OL Theta, still accepting applications
    • Contact The Chapter VP
  • OnLineOmicron
    • Formed 2011
    • Monthly meetings
    • 16 members (cap 25)
    • Pledge Trains
    • New Member is contacted and added to the mail list
    • The new member must visit for a month before being voted on for membership into OL Omicron, still accepting applications
  • OnLineKappa
    • Formed July 2000
    • Regular meetings
    • 19 members (cap 24), Accepts New Members, Pledge Trains, and Welcomes Land Chapter Guests to Make Up Meetings
  • OnLinePsi
    • Formed July 2000
    • Monthly meetings
    • Accepts New Members, Pledge Trains, and Welcomes Land Chapter Guests to Make Up Meetings
    • Friendly Ventured by OLB - 21 Members (Ca 30)
  • OnLineLambda
    • Formed June 2004
    • monthly meetings
    • 25 members (cap 24), Accepting Applications
  • OnLineAlphaAlpha
    • Formed March 2013
    • monthly meetings
    • 5 members (No cap),
    • Added Once Contact is Made
    • Accepting Applications
    • Accepts New Members & Pledge Trains
Other On Line Chapters
  • OnLineAlpha
    • Formed February 1997
    • Monthly meetings
    • 75 members (no cap)
  • OnLineGamma
    • Formed August 1997
    • Meetings at the call of the Chair
    • 75 members (cap 75),only existing members accepted
  • OnLineZeta
    • Formed May 1998
    • Small chapter
    • 5Members
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Beta Sigma Phi is an international women's social, cultural and service organization. Founded in 1931 to provide women with a social outlet, a cultural forum, and an opportunity for service, there are over 150,000 active members worldwide. Chapters are located in 23 different countries, with chapters in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

On line chapters "enhance your own chapter or help bridge the gap when you are not able to be in a standard chapter".

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