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Strawberry - Official Fruit of International


Hopefully, you've all heard by now!

Bill, in his message to the membership on Founder's Day, announced that the STRAWBERRY has been named the official fruit of Beta Sigma Phi!

Here are some things you should know about it:

  • First & foremost, have FUN with it! Use it to decorate when planning socials, rush parties, & sorority gatherings of any kind!
  • The Strawberry has been referred to as the Sweetheart of fruits & is known as the 'fruit of the spirit'` . . .
  • It is red, our Beta Sigma Phi color for Courage.
    It has a green stem, our Beta Sigma Phi color for Fellowship.
    It has seeds. We can plant as well as reap the Seeds of Friendship in Beta Sigma Phi.
  • Strawberries are heart shaped. Hearts are the symbol of Love & Love is the first great lesson and the Fellowship of Beta Sigma Phi.
  • Strawberries are red & green, so are perfect for holiday parties!
  • They are heart shaped . . perfect for use in Valentine socials, rush parties, Founder's Day, Mother's Day, patriotic themed socials, Beginning Day events, etc.
  • Best of all, they are very low in calories! And, are full of vitamins & good things for us.
  • Readily available most everywhere, year round!
  • Look in Programs A la Carte in the March issue of The Torch. One of the new programs this year is all about . . . Strawberries! (Program #1021)
  • Learn all about them & enjoy!
  • Strawberries take on added dimension when dipped in chocolate (here I go again!), or in champagne!
  • They look good with diamonds & will be great to use in planning our Diamond Celebration! ENJOY!!!
  • Watch for Strawberry Clip-Art & official jewelry featuring our strawberry!

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