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Suggestion 1.

At the beginning of the program year, the Program Chairman should explain to the members that at some time during the year, every member might be asked to participate in an emergency program. She should ask them to be prepared to give a two or three minute talk on a favorite magazine and why she reads it, pointing out what special values it holds for her. Or a two or three minute talk on the book she has found most enjoyable, helpful or inspirational. It would also be possible to review in the same way a current movie, play, special television broadcast or Public television series.

In addition to providing an interesting program, this program will acquaint members with a variety of helpful resources useful in preparing future programs and for personal use.

Suggestion 2.

After it is appointed, the Program Committee could prepare a fairly large group of questions, perhaps as many as 50. These questions could be based on life today and designed to evoke thoughtful answers and discussion from the members of the chapter. Ideally, questions and discussion should relate to your own lives and your own community.

One or two questions may occupy the entire time allocated to the program. But it is a good idea to have a fairly large group of questions so that subjects of the most immediate interest and with which the members are most concerned at the time be explored.

The questions prepared by the Program Committee should be typed and kept with the Program Chairman, perhaps in her yearbook for easy access. This program can then be used with little or no notice at all.

Suggestion 3.

Early in the program year, ask any members who particularly enjoy reading to prepare a brief book review of one book thought to be of special interest to the chapter members. Ask these members to give the Program Chairman a list of books they could review so they could be available with very little notice.

The Program Chairman can call upon members who have volunteered and the program would consist of a review of as many books as time permitted. Opportunity for discussion of each book should be scheduled at the end of the book review.

Suggestion 4.

Ask members who have traveled and who have pictures or videos of their travels to be prepared to present, on short notice, a talk with pictures on a trip she thinks will be of special interest to the chapter.

An alternative is to ask members with specially interesting hobbies or other activities to be prepared to give a talk on the hobby or activity, with illustrations if possible.

Suggestion 5.

Ask each member to think of a person that they most admire, and explain to the chapter why they do. You may find you are explaining about your favorite artist, musician, politician. The list is endless as are the variations. Everyone has people they admire and you will learn a little more about each member from her choice and the reasons behind her choice.

Suggestion 6.

Questionnaires from current magazines would be another idea for an emergency program.

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