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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


Ideas for Chapter Yearbooks, Scrapbooks, Socials

The theme is in recognition of the turn of the century, the new millennium -- hence, a new beginning for each of us.

 Clocks - use various faces &/or styles
 Hourglasses - 'the sands of time'; color the 'sand' in various colors of the jewels.
 MM is the Roman Numeral for the year 2000. Number pages in Roman numerals; use Roman Numerals as your theme. Embellish with Greek figures, columns, grapes, ivy, etc. Go Greek! Have a toga party.
 Doors -- On page 7, day 1 of the book "Simple Gifts. Abundant Treasures" it says: "To begin anew, you must open one door while closing another."

Use a different style of door on each divider page. Make it open! . . to what that category is, i.e., programs, calendar, city council, etc. Use same open door idea to create invitations.

Ask each member to share what "door" she plans to open in the new millennium, new century, or what new beginning she is anticipating. That would provide insight into one another & your dreams. This would make for an interesting program, too!

 International clip art includes the sun, sunrise, new horizon, stars, hourglasses.
 Father time.., use 'Time' appropriate thoughts on selected pages.


"Every new year is a Voyage of Discovery. Every new dream is a Journey of the Heart." -Nathan Conner

"Wait not for tomorrow. Gather from today the roses of life." - Pierre De Ronsard

Use father time figure; compliment with the New Year diapered baby!

 Champagne bottle, glasses, bubbles. Use the year, month, various categories on the label of the bottle. Use glasses or bubbles for printing info; use different colored bubbles, etc.
 Time Capsule. Put on divider pages 'items' your chapter would put into a time capsule. Go on a scavenger hunt for time capsule items!
 Go with quilts! Do a "stitches in time" theme. Use different quilt patterns on divider pages; use a 'golden thread of friendship' to tie it all together! [refer to my "12 Golden Threads" speech for more ideas]. Use dashes (----) to connect info, pictures, etc.

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