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Pledge Training Manual - Chapter 7 - WHAT TO REMEMBER

  • 1st chapter established in Abilene, KS
     7 members
     April 30, 1931

  • Founder of Beta Sigma Phi - Walter W. Ross

  • Our Greek letter name grew out of the motto chosen; first letters of Greek words for Life, Learning & Friendship

  • Worldwide membership of over 250,000

  • Beta Sigma Phi is a non-profit corporation maintaining a contract with Walter W. Ross & Co. Inc. for complete business management

  • Official magazine of Beta Sigma Phi is THE TORCH

  • Most important Beta Sigma Phi tradition - Founder's Day, celebrated April 30 each year

  • Beta Sigma Phi became International in scope in 1935

  • International Endowment Fund - contributions to humanitarian causes.
    International Loan Fund - expressly for members

  • Legacy enrollment - program established for daughters, granddaughters, nieces, friends of members

  • Water W. Ross Scholarship Fund - set up to provide college scholarships for members of Beta Sigma Phi, their sons & daughters

  • Pledges

    • may serve as officers, committee chairman, members of committee
    • have all membership privileges with the exception of participating in or witnessing rituals for which they have not qualified
    • have same financial obligations to local chapter & to the Int'l organization as do other members
    • should be given responsibility immediately after the Pledge Ritual so they may lend their ideas & make contributions to chapter's success
    • must understand that regular Pledge Training meetings are a requirement

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