The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Beta Sigma Phi Crest

With the adoption of our motto, "Life, Learning and Friendship," the membership in the early days, desired to have a crest that would exemplify all that we dreamed of doing. It was thought that the crest should be a shield upon which the adornment of our special purposes could be placed.

It would be a shield against intolerance and any thought that was in opposition to our purposes. The shield itself was first designed by a young artist in Kansas City.

The shield is the symbol of Life.

To represent Learning, the Lamp of Learning is on a clear field with upward stretching lines toward a book and oak leaves at the top, symbolizing everlasting life.

For Friendship, a torch was placed upon a field of many golden points .. the torch of wisdom, friendship, the light of understanding each other.

This is the story of the development of the crest, but the real joy of its creation cannot be captured in words and can be understood and known by only those of our Beta Sigma Phi´s who were dreaming of what it should be when this organization was very young.


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