The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Tips For Discussion Leaders

I. Assume Leadership of discussion by:
   Creating an informal conversational atmosphere
   Steering the discussion toward the accomplishments of the goal without permitting your own ideas to dominate the discussion
   Being receptive to and appreciative of other's opinions
   Trying in the kindest possible manner to help members who have a little difficulty expressing themselves
   Drawing out ideas from those who are shy or reluctant
II. Assume responsibility for starting discussion by:
   Making sure members have an understanding of the scope of the subject being considered
   Outlining or listing the main points of the subject being considered
   Calling for alternate points of view or for additional information when the need for such is indicated
III. Keep the discussion moving along by:
   Encouraging individual members to speak
   Remaining neutral when disagreements develop
   Presenting questions in such a way that their answers will bring out useful information or opinions rather than just a "yes" or "no" reply
   Summarizing points of views offered by individual members by:
 1. Occasionally summarizing the discussion so you can more easily move to a new point in the discussion
 2. Bringing the discussion back to the main point from which it has strayed
 3. Listing important points of agreement or disagreement. (It is advisable to look for the points on which there is agreement.)
IV. Bring the discussion to a close by:
   Finishing the discussion before the members lose interest
   Summarizing the main ideas expressed by the group
   Giving recognition and praise to the group for its discussion

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