The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

What Is A Beta Sigma Phi?

A Beta Sigma Phi is many things to many people.

She may be a Mother, a daughter, a sister or a wife.

She may be a teacher, a secretary, a housewife or a nurse.

Beta Sigma Phis can be found almost any time and almost any place.

They ring doorbells to collect clothing. They decorate and sing at Christmas. They do a million things that people take for granted. Beta Sigma Phis can do as much and say as little as any group on earth. Their voice is the voice of action.

Beta Sigma Phis are found at all ages and they come in assorted sizes and weights. Though their background, language and education may vary, they all have the same ultimate purpose.

No group of women on earth can have as much fun, laugh as loud, dance as fast, travel as far, think as straight, talk as long, or pray as earnestly as Beta Sigma Phis. Together, they are curious, imaginative, enthusiastic and energetic. Apart, they are loyal to their beliefs, strong on their faith and proud in their achievements.

Any Beta Sigma Phi will tell you quite openly there are no husbands on earth better looking, or smarter, or more understanding than Beta Sigma Phi husbands. They will also tell you there is no meeting more important that a Beta Sigma Phi meeting, no work more satisfying than a Beta Sigma Phi project and no friendship finer than Beta Sigma Phi friendship.

A Beta Sigma Phi likes conventions, banquets, dances, awards and projects. She is a jack-of-all-trades, a speaker and a year round Santa Claus to her community, her chapter and her friends.

When greed and hatred spring from every fountain and everyone seems bitter and indifferent, a Beta Sigma Phi can seem to promise a newer life, a stronger faith and a brighter hope with three words - Life, Learning and Friendship.

Author: Unknown

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