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Welcome Sisters to Memory Stitches. This will be a memoriam for our sisters and others who have passed. It will be a work in continual progress, as we create this digital memory quilt.

The plan is that each sister will have one square, in much the same way as one would assemble a quilt out of fabric. The photographs will each be linked to a page with a larger version of the image, the name of the sister, dates, chapter and a memorial verse. Each sister may be submitted once and the first submitter may send a digital photograph and a selected memorial verse. Please read the instructions below, as they will be strictly followed.

Thank you for visiting.

1. Welcome Message
2. Cross Index Directory
3. Block 1
4. Information Needed
5. Digital Photograph
6. Submission Form

A. Information Needed

Please use the form below to submit the sister's name, dates of birth/death, chapter name, chapter city and state, and a 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-line memorial verse. If you are in need of a Memorial Verse, you can find some verses at
Memorial Verses.

B. Digital Photograph.

We are going to be limited in size and space. Photos are to be in JPG format (no BMP's or GIF's). Please limit the size of your image to 35KB maximum. The preferred size is 250 (width) x 250 (height). Larger pictures will be cropped and resized to fit the quilt. Resizing/cropping will take time, so please be patient. All coding for Memory Stitches, as all pages of The Beta Journal, are hand coded rather than software driven.
Send the image, as an attachment via E-mail to Karen at
The Beta Journal, with the sister's name as the subject.

If no photo is available, a place holder graphic will be used instead.

Please do not add any text or graphics around or over the image, including single pixel lines, frames or borders.

Memory Stitches Submission Form

If this form does not work, copy and paste the information into an E-mail to: Karen
Enter your full name   
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Chapter Name Chapter Number
Chapter City Chapter State/Province

Enter Deceased Sister's Name   
Enter Deceased Sister's Year of Birth   
Enter Deceased Sister's Year of Death   
Enter Deceased Sister's Chapter Name   
Enter Deceased Sister's Chapter City and State   

Memorial Verse and Comments

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