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December/January 2009

Murfreesboro, TN Iota Master
Winchester, VA Epsilon
Yorktown, VA Alpha Omicron Master

November, 2008

Columbia, SC Alpha Xi
Higginsville, MO Alpha Eta Delta
St. Louis, MO Alpha Eta Epsilon
Windsor, ON Gamma Pi Master

September/October, 2008

Washington, MO Alpha Eta Gamma

August, 2008

Albany, GA Tau Master
Des Moines, IA Laureate Gamma Rho
Lafayette, IN Preceptor Delta Lambda
Melbourne, FL Laureate Alpha Omega Omega
Owasso, OK Preceptor Gamma Rho
Parksville, BC Laureate Delta Alpha
Plainfield, IN Beta Upsilon Master
Windor, ON Nu Zeta
Windsor, ON Gamma Xi Master

May/June, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA Laureate Alpha Gamma
Cathage, TX Beta Lambda Xi
Geneseo, IL Psi Sigma
Hartford City, IN Beta Delta Master
Johnson County, KS Preceptor Epsilon Eta
Madison, WI Kappa Master
Richmond, VA Xi Zeta Epsilon

April, 2008

Hopkinsville, KY Kappa Master
Virginia Beach, VA Laureate Beta Eta
Wichita, KS Laureate Gamma Eta
Wichita, CT Laureate Sigma
Melbourne, FL Laureate Zeta Sigma
Ontario, CA Laureate Kappa Rho
Comox Valley, BC Preceptor Delta Kappa
Wichita, KS Xi Alpha Zeta
Creve Coeur, MO Xi Xi Xi
Laurie, MO Alpha Zeta Omega
Newman, GA - Lambda Beta
Whitesburg, KY - Zeta Zeta
Homestead, FL - Beta Sigma
Orlando, FL - Preceptor Iota Psi


April, 2009

1) Alabama Theta Beta, Florence
BY: Andrea Miller

2) Ontario Delta Theta, Toronto
BY: Catherine Bryck and Toronto City Council

3) Texas Beta lambda Phi, Houston
BY: Jill Coble and Southwest Houston City Council

4) California Delta Xi Gamma, Arroyo Grande
BY: Pat Fairbanks and Arroyo Grande City Council

5) Virginia Kappa Tau, Manassas (Chapter in a Box)
BY: Amanda Davis

March, 2009

1) California Delta Sigma, Visalia
BY: Brenda Miernik and Xi Zeta Epsilon

2) Texas Theta Zeta, Austin
BY: Rebecca and Xi Zeta

3) Washington Theta omicron, Port Orchard
BY: Sonia Preston and Beta Zeta Master

4) Wisconsin Alpha Epsilon, Oshkosh
BY: Nannette Macy

5) Missouri Alpha Eta Zeta, Nevada
BY: Joy Hawks and Preceptor Psi

February, 2009

1) South Carolina Epsilon Zeta, Myrtle Beach
BY: Andrea Melton and Xi Alpha Chi

2) Oregon Alpha Gamma, Hood River
BY: Sheila Delozier and Preceptor Theta

3) British Columbia Iota Alpha, Kimberley
BY: Sandy Peters and Preceptor Gamma Mu

4) Nebraska Zeta Omega, Falls City
BY: Cindy Scott and Gamma Theta

January, 2009

1) Indiana Zeta Lambda, Elwood
BY: Patricia Plake

2) New Mexico Zeta Omega, Hobbs
BY: Cheryl Baxley

3) Kansas Lambda Iota, McPherson
BY: Cynthia Goldsmith, Glenda Sims, and Xi Iota Epsilon

December, 2008

1) Washington Epsilon Nu, Moses Lake
BY: Melissa Dart

2) British Columbia Alpha, Vancouver
BY: Debra Harris and Langley City Council

November, 2008

1) Virginia Epsilon, Winchester
BY: Donna Sweeney and Winchester City Council

2) Washington Epsilon Omega, Olympia
BY: Marlene Lopp and Greater Olympia City Council

3) North Dakota Alpha Psi, Devils Lake
BY: Carol Leevers, Lara Prozinski, and Xi Tau

4) Wisconsin Epsilon, Oshkosh
BY: Nannette Macy

5) Texas Alpha Gamma Omicron, Conroe
BY: Denise Vincent and Xi Alpha Beta Iota

6) South Carolina Alpha Omicron, Seneca
BY: Carla Gambrell and Preceptor Alpha Delta

October, 2008

1) Louisiana Lambda Beta, Natchitoches (Extreme Make-Over Chapter)
BY: Amy Cross and Xi Delta Phi

2) Illinois Alpha Delta, Silvis
BY: Lynne Davis

3) Nevada Beta Zeta, Battle Mountain (Extreme Make-Over Chapter)
BY: Anita Newgard and Xi Alpha Pi

4) Texas Beta Lambda Omicron, Garland
BY: Debra Aviles, Sandra Moore, and Dallas City Council

5) California Gamma Alpha Iota, Rancho Cucamonga
BY: Sharon Krumwiede and Laureate Theta Phi

6) South Dakota Lambda, Belle Fourche (Chapter-in-a-Box)
BY: Kerbi Bowden

7) British Columbia Alpha Pi, Kamloops
BY: Holly Neros and Vickie Stoppler

September, 2008

1) Missouri Alpha Eta Delta, Higginsville
BY: Courtney Bergsieker and Pi Nu

2) South Carolina Alpha Xi, Columbia
BY: Tina Gilchrist, Jaince Nepita
and Xi Beta Kappa

3) Missouri Alpha Eta Epsilon, St. Louis
BY: Sandra Burke

4) Oklahoma Omicron Mu, Tulsa
BY: Lou Ellen Brewer and
Tulsa City Council

August, 2008

1) Missouri Alpha Eta Gamma, Wasington
BY: Lucinda Scott and Xi Nu Theta

2) Florida Delta Omega, Cocoa
BY: Sandra Osbourn, Mary Leslie, Libby Crossely
Peggy Foster, and Central Brevard City Council

3) Montana Gamma Zeta, Bigfork
BY: Joyce Formby

4) Kansas Sigma Chi, Liberal
BY: Cynthia Reardon, Xi Rho, and Liberal City Council

July, 2008

Our Very First Extreme Make-Over Friendly Venture Chapter
1) Missouri Zeta Beta, Stanberry
BY: Randi McMillen and Xi Xi Pi

Tennessee Zeta Nu, Murfreesboro
BY: Pat Sumners and Zeta Chi

Missouri Alpha Eta Beta, Independence
BY: Danielle Dupree and Preceptor Alpha Tau

Arkansas Iota Delta, Hot Springs National Park
BY: Tina Stone and Theta Pi

June, 2008

Florida Alpha Delta Kappa, Jacksonville BY: Terri Brokaw

May, 2008

Alabama Theta Alpha, Birmingham #14690
BY: Eloise Duncan and Zeta Beta #11253

Tennessee Delta Zeta, Murfreesboro #14692
BY: Linda Laughlin and Zeta Chi #12314

Tennessee Iota Phi, Manchester #14693
BY: Marguerite Gerard and Preceptor Alpha Pi XP3191

March/April, 2008

Florida Alpha Delta Theta, St.Augustine
BY: Ann Capella and Xi Zeta Alpha

Nebraska Zeta Chi, Alma
BY: Bonnie Hammond and Xi Gamma Upsilon

Florida Alpha Delta Iota, The Villages
BY: Carol Lynn and Laureate Zeta Omicron

North Dakota Alpha Chi, Minot AFB
BY: Holly Blankenship

Illinois Psi Sigma, Geneseo
BY: Doris Conrad and Xi Theta Phi

Florida Alpha Gamma Psi, St Cloud
BY: Marianne Davitt and Xi Lambda Nu

What's New in Rushing? Women MeetUp
List Your Chapter for People to SEARCH FOR in YOUR AREA



Together the Rushing Department and Division Chairman have created a new program. It is entitled Ritual of Jewels Extreme Makeover. The Division Chairman have written to every Ritual of Jewel chapter that qualifies to participate. The object is to have the current members of the RJ chapter to move up into the appropriate chapter degree level and re-fill their Ritual of Jewel chapter with new pledges.

Awards available; $100.00 for adding seven new pledges or $200.00 for adding ten new pledges ($100. to the original chapter and $100. to the new members treasury.) The Rushing Department has also created a RJ Extreme Makeover Pin for each member participating. So each current chapter member will receive one. The members moving up will automatically have a Four Star Rating in the Torch for the current sorority year. Sisters/Chapters that send in photos of the rush parties with details will see them in Torch & Web Page coverage. (There are plans underway for a new BSP web page this fall.)

We have sent out the basic guidelines; however, further questions or comments have been:

-"We don't want to break up our chapter, we have been together forever" With this makeover we expect all the current chapter members to move to the new higher degree chapter together.

-"What about our treasury, service project, and chapter supplies?" You take everything with you to the new chapter, you leave nothing behind except the Ritual of Jewel chapter name and number.

-"What degree level would we qualify for?" Your Division Chairman would determine that once the request has reached her desk, basically whatever degree the majority of the members hold would determine the chapter level.

-"Do we have a deadline to complete this makeover?" There is no deadline except the one you give yourselves. You will find that if you give yourselves a goal of three months for completion you will reach that goal. International would love to see quite a few Extreme Makeovers completed this new sorority year.

-"We don't know where to begin." Just contact the Rushing Department to assist you. We have each step from beginning to end, plus many helpful ideas, and a great Extreme Party Plan designed especially for this program.



Even though I have been a member for only 10 months, I have truly fallen in love with Beta Sigma Phi. It's an honor to be in a sisterhood with women from different countries, cultures, races and educational backgrounds. Honestly since becoming a member I have discovered a lot about myself and what I'm passionate about. I am looking forward to many many wonderful years in Beta Sigma Phi!

- Patrice (Decatur, GA) Pledge 12 Months


I joined Beta Sigma Phi in the small West Texas town of Marfa before I adopted my first child, about 30 years ago. I had a skip in membership after a few moves, but rejoined with my land group in Tucson, Arizona. My Realtor was a member. I miss going to meetings since there is no group within 75 miles, so I'm glad I have OLETA membership.

- Sandi B.


I have been a member of Beta Sigma Phi for over 35 years. I joined when International used to have city wide rushes in many of the larger cities. The many chapters that I've belonged to over the years have been a blessing to me since I'm an only child.. I now have lots of sisters. Now & belong to Georgia Kappa Alpha in Blairsville & I'm a charter member of On Line Alpha.

- Bevie (Young Harris, GA)


I have been a member since I was teaching in my 20's. My mother thought I would like it, and I apparently did and have been a member for over 22 years. My mother has been one for 46 years and still enjoys the life long friendships.

- Karen (Wylie, TX)