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1.) If you wish to open your home to a sister and family in need during time of disaster, please complete the form below and submit it. Only your first name, city, state/province will be listed on the web page. The additional information will be kept in private on a list and given to sisters that identify themselves and give dates of needed stay w/ contact information.

2.) If you are a sister seeking shelter during the disaster or displacement period, please contact, Karen Ing at tikitex@betajournal.com in order to obtain the contacts for the area and further information. You must include your first and last name, address and phone number, E-mail and membership number in the E-mail to Karen. If you do not include the information, then an E-mail will be sent to you requesting it. If no response is received within 24 hours via E-mail, your E-mail will be filed away or deleted.

International Disaster Relief Funds Are Low

The International Disaster Relief Fund is seriously getting low due the current disasters and need. Please consider helping to replenish the funds needed to assist sisters during the difficult times (make it your chapter's next goal to establish Ways and Means to raise funds)!


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    When natural disasters occur such as hurricanes, it is necessary for those sisters in the evacuation area to leave. This is expensive - gas, motels, food, etc. Saving motel fees would be a big plus and ease peoples' worries. Wouldn't it be nice to evacuate to a home where you already have a Beta Sigma Phi sister?

    Due to the fact there have been so many displaced people from acts of nature or other causes,
    Arlene of the Houston Area and The Beta Journal decided to join together to form this special program.

    1. The Beta Journal is not to be held liable for problems or damages that may occur
    with the sister(s) staying in your home.
    2. Please let me know if pets are allowed or children/babies to stay at your residence.
    3. Put down whether you can take or handle a disabled sister.
    4. Also, if you allow smoking or not on or near your premises.
    5. Note if you can offer a sofa or spare room.
    6. Put down how much advance notice you will need. 1 day, 2 days
    7. Let us know if parking is a problem or not.
    8. Put down whether you will supply meals or not. If not, list the nearby restaurants available.
    9. Please let us know what times (months) you will not be available to take in guests.
    10. The accommodations are only for one to three days at most. If there are more days involved, then you and the visiting sister and family can work the terms out.

    We are so very thankful you are willing to help!

    A Beta Sigma Phi finds a friend in everyone they meet.

    Enter your full name                
    Enter your spouse's name            
    Enter your E-mail address           
    Enter your street mailing address   
    Enter your city                     
    Enter your state / province         
    Enter your zip                      
    Enter your country                  
                                           Please correct country name, if not USA 
    Enter your area code / phone number 
    Enter your member number            
    Enter your *chapter name / number    
    Status (active, LOA, MAL)           
    *If you are Member-at-Large, put MAL in chapter name and number.
    Please check any and all choices below you are able or not able to do:

    If it does not apply to you, don't select the choice (skip it). If you selected the Wrong Choice(s), hit the RESET button at the bottom of the form and start again.
    1. I can offer a Spare Room.
    2. I can take Small Children.
    3. I can offer meals for up to 2 days.
    4. I cannot offer Meals, yet we have nearby restaurants.
    5. I have a fenced in yard and take pets.
    6. I can take special needs sisters with wheelchairs or walkers.
    7. No Smoking
    8. Smoking Permitted Outside
    9. No Problem w/ Parking
    10. Limited Parking
    11. I can take in 1 to 2 People
    12. I can take a family in.
    Any additional Information can be included (Complete in comments below.) 
    Indicate how much advance notice you will need,
    before someone or several people can stay with you.

    Comments and More Detailed Information

    Email can be sent to Karen M. Ing at tikitex@betajournal.com - Questions and
    Comments are always welcome. To ensure that you and we receive all communications by E-mail, please add betajournal.com to your E-mail address book or approved/safe sender list.

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