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Top RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a new way to keep up with the Beta Journal/Strawberry Patch news and information. This feed will contain headlines and links to full version stories on the Beta Journal Web site. If you click an RSS link, you will see code in your browser. Note: you do not view RSS content through a regular browser by itself. You view the headlines through an RSS news reader.

  • An RSS Reader is a program that collects, feeds and displays the information to you.

  • If would like to obtain a Free Reader, go to RSS Reader (Windows, .NET) or Amphetadesk (Windows, Mac, Linux) Or, simply GOOGLE it, type in "Free RSS Reader."

  • If you feel lost and are in need of further explanation, then go to Excess Voice

  • The Beta Journal cannot help you with the Reader(s) you download. Please check the site from which you obtained it for customer service assistance.

  • The RSS Beta Journal Feed will be updated numerous times a month, it will be up to your RSS Reader to retrieve the information and send it to you by E-mail.

  • To use the the RSS feed, paste the URL address into the "Add New Channel" section of your RSS Reader or enter it in your E-mail program, if it supports RSS feeds. Note, Mozilla Thunderbird does support the RSS feed.

  • Please E-mail Karen at The Beta Journal if you have further questions!

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