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Your 10 Steps To A Happy Life



LIKE YOURSELF: List the things you do well. Then make a list of people you are important to. You'll see you're really an important person!



ENJOY YOUR OCCUPATION: Think about how empty your life would be without it. People who do their jobs well are the ones most likely to enjoy their work.



OPEN YOUR HEART TO OTHERS: Help someone or share a good feeling with another. You'll add immeasurably to your happiness.



MAKE TIME FOR FUN: Fun activities give us time to relax and replenish ourselves.



REALIZE WHAT'S TRULY IMPORTANT TO YOU: Recognize that simply having money or being financially successful must take a backseat to the really important things in life. Remember the day you started living with the one you love -- how excited you were? Imagine losing your lover or your child, and you'll understand that they are among the things that really make you most happy.



TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT: Studies indicate that exercise can relieve stress and increase self-esteem. Even a 30 minute walk three to five times a week is fine.



COMMUNICATE BY TOUCHING: Giving people a firm handshake, hug, a pat on the back or taking their arm when you speak can make you feel closer to others and deepen your friendship.



LOOK AT THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE: What can make you happier than laughter? Be on the lookout for the humorous moments that arise from life's problems.



GIVE YOUR BRAIN A WORKOUT: Read a book or listen to music. Anything that stimulates your thinking makes you feel more satisfied -- and happier.



STRIVE TO BE HAPPY NOW: Don't dwell on past or present unhappiness. Start working for your happiness this minute.


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