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The Jewel Is You...

by Ora Capelli

[from the March, 1959 issue of The Torch]


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” the saying goes. Actually, there is a very important “precious stone” in every woman’s life. The invaluable jewel in your world is you . . . you are your own good investment for the future.

You can be whatever gem appeals to you. It can be a diamond, an opal, or a piece of precious jade. But whatever gem you select as your symbol, you are priceless; you are individually fashioned and quite different from all the other millions of people in this wide, wonderful world.

For simplicity, let us take the diamond as our illustration. It will be my symbol of you. A diamond is a complex stone . . . as you are a complex creature. Even as the diamond goes through many processes before it arrives at its ultimate perfection--be it in a simple engagement ring or a queen’s tiara--you too must go through many complicated processes before you reach the height to which you may stand.

Starting from a dull, rough mass, the diamond cleaver, the diamond cutter, and other artisans prove their skill in the cutting, rounding, polishing of the stone. The result may be a masterpiece of beauty like the Kohinoor diamond, fit for a king to wear.

Now, what about you? When you were born you had latent within you a great power waiting to be released. We can say that your heritage determines the cut of your diamond; your environment is the grinding of the stone. How important both of these are! But, as the years roll by, the polishing of the facets rests solely with you.

How bright is your diamond? The deeds that you do, and the thoughts that you think can brighten or dim the brilliance of your jewel. To keep the beauty of your precious Self radiant and alive, you must watch the outside influences that seep into your subconscious thinking, the fears you gather along life’s way. These everyday frustrations may penetrate so deeply that they will deflect you from your life’s purpose and thus dim the radiance of your true inner self.

Even as there is a technique in cutting diamonds to their best advantage, we have to learn the technique of cutting down life’s disappointments and heartaches, and adjusting to life’s lessons with the minimum of frustration. As the diamond loses its value if cut improperly, you too will lose some of your potential if you allow others to keep chipping away at your inner self.

Perhaps you are the type of person who is shy and reticent, preferring to hide your true worth from prying eyes. If so, occasionally take that diamond of yours to a lighted window where it will catch the rays of the morning sun. For a while, in meditation, watch the beauty of the changing reflections as the sunlight plays on it. Discover the things that may be causing an imperfection in your jewel.

From childhood to adulthood, and on through the years as long as life is to be lived, the road we travel is the Royal Road to Perfection. Now and then we must check ourselves to see if the eternal fire is still burning within us. Have so many of the facets of the real you been dimmed that you are not even aware of your spiritual identity?

Are you reflecting all the light that shines within you? Are you radiating good cheer and happiness? Do people gravitate to you, or do they turn away? And if you are a properly cut, perfectly proportioned diamond, are you in the right setting? Some of us are only just recognizing our potentials; we are but mere pinpoints of a diamond. Others are touching near the highest peak of achievement; theirs is the rare blue-white diamond mounted in a king’s scepter.

Your setting is determined by the combined thinking of all your yesterdays. Whatever you are, it is up to you. If you do not like what you see, start now with the polishing process, rubbing each of the facets of your personality until you shine like a brilliant star.

Then one wonderful day you will realize that you are indeed reaching heights on the way to perfection, that the jewel that is you is of great value.



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