The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


by Lynn Terry
(author of our Rituals & who gave our Sisterhood its Spirituality)

"The very word PROGRESSION gives full and complete reason for each member to go forward to the next degree. It is not possible that any truly initiated member of Beta Sigma Phi, much less a member who has completed even one, not four years of active membership participation, could fail to know the importance to her life of "progression" -- this is what our whole sorority is about. It is the incentive that brings us into membership, the purpose that keeps us challenged and eager, the end and aim of our total hope and ambition in living. To progress, as far and as well it is in our nature and our environment to advance and beside this "prima facie" value of the degrees a stepping stone or progress, there is an even more vital reason to respect and regard their importance. Within the past two years, I have done considerable research in what I could most simply describe to you as a "refresher course in the art of Living" by the light of the new presentations of science and philosophy of the past decade or two. All of this research has again reassured me of the sound concepts on which our own organization is founded.

To share with you here only one of the hundred of thrilling ideas I gained, I will say it this way, always I have appreciated the miracle of BEING and I know you do too - because ills basic to what we have shared -- but I have found another miracle that is even paramount to BEING and that is BECOMING. It would take a volume to tell you all there is now available on the subject, but I can only take time to give you a brief glimpse of what can happen to those who do not accept the privilege of becoming.

Psychiatry and psycho-analysis are the new ways in which science is trying to help find fulfillment and happiness. Among the findings they have made the most frequent and the most appealing one is that every personality must progress or must regress. There is no standing still. There is no holding fast to a place we decide to stay. There really is no staying still. There is only a becoming, a progression or regression toward non being in the personal sense.
We must become. We must progress. The only alternative Is to extinguish our very self."


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