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  Q. When should I wear my pin?  
  A. You may wear your pin every day. You will find people are interested in knowing you are a Beta Sigma Phi and that you are proud of it. In your daily routine or when traveling, you may have exciting encounters with other Beta Sigma Phis or families of Beta Sigma Phis who recognize your pin.

  Q. Where should I wear my pin?  

On the left side of dress or blouse, above the breast and above any other pins which you might be wearing.

When many badges and insignia are being worn on a 'patch' or ribbon, your current degree pin should be at the top, separated from the other pins or guards signifying honors you have achieved. Nothing but official insignia should be worn on the patch with the official pins.

You may also wear your current pin on your dress itself and other guards or pins may be worn on the patch below the current degree pin. Then your pin can be worn every day and the patch only at Beta Sigma Phi activities.

  Q. May I wear my pin to my place of work every day?  
  A. Yes, unless you wear some type of uniform. The Beta Sigma Phi pin is not appropriate with a uniform required by your specific business or profession.

  Q. How do I recognize another member's degree by her pin?  

Here is a list of the degrees, and the colors of their pins:

NU PHI MU - the pledge pin is a gold replica of the crest.
NU PHI MU - Ritual of the Badge pin: diamond shaped, blue enamel with gold guard.
PLEDGE PIN - black and gold
RITUAL OF JEWELS - black and gold
EXEMPLAR -white and gold
PRECEPTOR - blue and gold
LAUREATE-green and gold
MASTER - red and gold

  Q. What is the meaning of the pin I wear?  
  A. The meaning of the pin is given in the rituals. The pledge ritual gives the basic meaning of the pin. Each degree ritual gives the meaning of the special pin for that degree. When this question comes up, the chapter should review the Book of Ritual.

  Q. Should I say 'pin' or 'badge'?  
  A. Technically any device worn to signify membership in anything is called a 'badge'. When that device is pinned on, the badge is commonly called a 'pin'. Either term is correct.

  Q. What pins may be worn on a coat or lapel?  
  A. The Recognition Pin, the Order of the Rose Pin, Friendship brooch, Mother's pin, and any pins other than the degree pins may be worn on a coat or lapel.


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