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Pledge Training Manual - Chapter 9 - Answer Sheet


To unite congenially in fellowship and friendship those women accepted for membership; to promote cultural development via programs; to foster association with each other in the pursuit of the liberal arts in a definite, concerted manner




Provides the framework for individual chapters


The pledges (all new members of a new chapter) should compose their own set of chapter bylaws [adhering closely to the suggested chapter bylaws found in the Book of Beta Sigma Phi. (The International Office supplies a suggested form to follow which makes this process very simple. Just fill-in the blank).


Same answer as Question #1.


The International Executive Council issues the charter to a new chapter automatically when 10 or more members of a Ritual of Jewels degree chapter qualify for the Ritual of Jewels degree the first time it is conferred.


At each regular meeting, except for illness or other unavoidable circumstances - refer to your chapter bylaws.


When reported before the meeting, due to illness or unavoidable circumstances - refer to your chapter bylaws.


President, Vice President, Extension Officer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer


Nominations from the floor; majority vote elects
2nd meeting in March - refer to chapter bylaws.

 11. The Executive Board is composed of the elected officers of the chapter.
It assumes full responsibility of chapter standing; dispatches business details which do not require chapter attention; by regular and efficient meetings, executive board can do a lot to eliminate waste of time and effort in chapter meetings; prepares budget (with input from all officers and committees.)

When she is an active, participating member of a chapter who pays International and chapter fees


On receipt of annual fees

 14. By the Executive Board of the chapter:
1) absent from 3 consecutive meetings without sufficient excuse
2) delinquent in paying International fees
3) violating sorority promises

Majority vote of chapter she is joining and notification to the International Office


2/3 vote of chapter of degree she holds or was eligible for before becoming inactive and paying any balance owed on membership fee or a reinstatement fee


International membership fee (initial fees)
International annual fees
Reinstatement fees


City councils are composed of representatives from each of the chapters in the city, including neighboring cities.

May be called by an International Officer, president or executive board of any chapter. Those members who attend council meetings are: incumbent president, one other elected representative and one elected alternate (who attends when one of the other two cannot).
Remember: Any member of any chapter is welcome to attend any city council meeting any time.

Council's Purpose: To promote inter-chapter harmony, co-ordinate citywide events; pass names of transfers from one chapter to another in the city, transfers or Members-at-Large whose last chapter affiliation was in the city. Notifies the International Office of these transfers. No transfer shall be made without approval of city council. Assists in placing transfers from out of city (names and information [provided by the International Office] given to chapter presidents/reps at council meetings.)


Founder's Day
Mother's Day observance
Anniversary of chapter's installation
Beginning Day


To advance the interest of Beta Sigma Phi through fellowship, dissemination of ideas, and discussion of policies to be adopted/promulgated by the Executive Council


Invitation and Initiation by official Ritual


The chapter; authorized representative named by the International Executive Council; Ritual


Procuring new members by invitation for the chapter.


To add new members, new ideas, thoughts, more fun. Welcoming more members means more can get done and doing so insures both chapter and individual growth


Opening and Closing Rituals


The Order of the Rose is an honor designed to express the gratitude and esteem of a chapter or City Council toward an active or honorary member. The member must be active in a higher degree chapter, hold the highest degree for which she is eligible and have been actively participating in Beta Sigma Phi for 15 years.


Silver Circle: Ritual marking a member's 25th anniversary as a Beta Sigma Phi.
Golden Circle: Ritual for members who have been in 50 years.


International Award of Distinction: This is the highest honor possible for a member to receive. It is an award for outstanding service in Beta Sigma Phi. It must be earned and is granted by the International Executive Council at the request of the local membership. The member must be a 25 year member; received the Order of the Rose; must hold the highest degree for which she is eligible and contributed extraordinary service to sorority.

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