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Pledge Training Manual - Chapter 6 - WHAT TO REMEMBER

  • Active members pay annual fees to International organization
    Are in good standing

  • 3 kinds of active status:

    1. active - actively participates in chapter
    2. LA - excused from attendance at chapter meetings for up to 1 year; granted by chapter for specific time at request of member
    3. ML - pays International dues but has no chapter affiliation; granted ML status by International Office

  • Inactive status
     does not pay annual dues; no chapter affiliation

  • Re-instatement
     Inactive member who wishes to re-affiliate; needs 2/3 affirmative vote from chapter of her degree or was eligible for before becoming inactive & pays re-instatement fee to International

  • Honorary members
     Neither active or inactive member of Beta Sigma Phi. Chosen from outside organization for their special achievements, talents, interests in Beta Sigma Phi.

  • Director
     Honorary member chosen to serve as consultant on cultural programs for 1 year; can be reappointed each year.

  • Sponsor
     Works in co-operation with chapter social committee; may be re-appointed each year.

  • A pledge of Beta Sigma Phi
     is a full member as soon as she receives the Pledge Ritual; has all rights & privileges of membership.

  • Adviser
     is an active participating member of a higher degree chapter who gives her time to help another chapter by advising it on procedures, functions & general information


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