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Pledge Training Manual - Chapter 1 - Beta Sigma Phi Terminology


 PLEDGE --- a solemn promise

 RITUAL --- an established form of ceremony. (The essence of ceremony is to give value to something, to raise it up in importance.) Beautiful candlelight ceremonies that are part of a rich tradition in Beta Sigma Phi. They are symbolic representations of the spirit of sisterhood & of the members to improve themselves & in this way, make a better world.

 TRADITION --- the handing down of information, beliefs & customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another. These are things which bind & bond us, they are valued bonds that make working toward & facing tomorrow meaningful. They always remain something certain in a world of uncertainty.

 COMMITMENT --- a pledge or bind

 ´PLEDGE´ --- a new member is called a pledge until she completes Pledge Training & receives her Ritual of Jewels degree

 PLEDGE TRAINING --- 6 month period when new members become familiar with how Beta Sigma Phi works; learns about the heart & spirit; enjoys getting-to-know members in the chapter!

 CHAPTER --- A chapter is composed of 10 or more members who meet together & enjoy sharing Life, Learning & Friendship ... & all that goes with it! Your chapter name is __________________________________.

 CITY COUNCIL --- City Council is composed of the President & either an elected or rotating member from each chapter in your city or area. Meetings are held monthly except July & August. A Beginning Day social is usually held the later part of August. Council co-ordinates workshops, convention, Founder's Day, Sweetheart Dance, &/or any activities the membership wishes to sponsor.

 SECRET SISTER --- A member in your chapter you (anonymously) remember during the year. Revealing is held __________________. At that time, new Secret Sisters for the coming sorority year are selected.

 THE TORCH --- our monthly magazine .. except for July

 EXECUTIVE BOARD --- Chapter Officers

 RITUAL OF JEWELS --- 2nd degree of Beta Sigma Phi. You will be eligible to receive your Ritual of Jewels degree at the completion of Pledge Training.

 BADGE --- Your pin

 INVITATION TO LIFE --- Pledge training manual
BOOK OF BETA SIGMA PHI --- Official handbook
These books were given at your Pledge Ritual. You will read & refer to them during Pledge Training & often in your years as a member.

 BEGINNING DAY --- Late August social; a tradition in Beta Sigma Phi .. Rally day! Plans for the coming year are presented in the chapter yearbook.

 YEARBOOK --- A resource for each member. It includes all pertinent info regarding chapter activities, members, etc.

Meeting times
Sister specifics
Social/cultural/service events
Chapter by-laws & history

BIOS - signifies the importance we place in the ART OF LIVING

SOPHIA - expresses quality of LEARNING

PHILOS - expresses idea of FRIENDSHIP


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