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The Beta Sigma Phi CIRCUS is Coming to Town!

Beta Sigma Phi CIRCUS

 Imagine arriving at a party - to be introduced to the crowd by a clown with a bullhorn? What a great entrance - and a terrific icebreaker!

 A circus party is a super way to show prospective members what fun it is to be a Beta Sigma Phi! As guests move from game to game and from one tasty treat to the next, they will also be meeting YOU - the members of your chapter who may be their new best friends!

 A little creative delivery will start the fun and make your invitation stand out! Put all the details - place, time, date, hostess, and a contact phone number or email address - on a strip of paper and insert the strip in an un-inflated balloon. Add air power (or helium - some party-ware shops have this available for you to use in their store) and a ribbon or balloon stick.

 Or, cut circus shapes - clowns, balloons, tents, elephants, lions - from brightly colored sturdy paper and add the details. Enclose a balloon.

And then, have members dressed as clowns deliver your invitations in person!

 Streamers, circus posters, and lots and lots of balloons will transform your party space into a circus setting. For even more atmosphere, loop sheets over doorways to make the room even more like a tent, and add white party lights to each concession stand and game booth.

 Have chapter members dress in costumes - white shirts, vests, and bow ties for barkers and concessionaires, tights for acrobats, a top hat for the ringmaster, plus clowns!

 In addition to circus portraits (see 'activities' below), possible fun favors include balloons, bags of your caramel corn mix, carnival hats, stuffed animals, paper leis, nose glasses, hula-hoops, and glow-rings.

 At least half the fun of a circus is the food! Set up "concession stands" to serve your refreshments - and have a variety on hand. Lemonade and soft drinks, candy or taffy apples, cookies-on-a-stick, even hot dogs and pretzels are natural choices.

 What is a circus without popcorn? Serve it in striped paper bags - or try this easy caramel corn recipe:

Scrumptious Caramel Corn
Scrumptious Caramel Corn
1 cup packed brown sugar
½ cup margarine
¼ cup corn syrup
½ tsp salt
½ tsp soda
4 quarts popped popcorn
1 lb. M & M's Plain Chocolate Candies

  1. Combine first 4 ingredients in glass bowl.
  2. Microwave on high until mixture boils.
  3. Stir in soda.
  4. Place popcorn in brown paper grocery bag.
  5. Add brown sugar mixture; mix well.
  6. Microwave on high for 1 minutes.
  7. Spread on baking sheets.
  8. Cool and add candies.
 Yield: 18 cups

 You may discover hidden talents with some of these activities! J

  Juggling Contest:
 Use something light weight such as tennis balls. The winner is the one who juggles the longest.

  Dart Throwing Contest:
 Attach several balloons to a large piece of poster board or foam core. Give each contestant three darts - and stand back! Three out of three wins.

  Bubblegum Blowing Contest:
 Give each contestant a piece of bubblegum, allowing them a few minutes to chew. Have a ruler and a camera ready. The biggest bubble wins!

  Duck Pond:
 Fill a child's wading pool with two to three inches of water. You'll need 10-15 rubber or plastic floating ducks. Mark the bottom of five ducks with a large "X." Firmly attach a loop (light wire or pipe cleaner) to the end of a dowel stick. Each contestant then has one opportunity to catch a duck - an "X" marks the winner!

 "Look into my crystal ball!" Whether you use a crystal ball, tarot cards, or palm reading - your guests will love a make-believe fortune-telling session. (Be sure your fortune - teller foresees that each guest will have many new friends in her future!)

  Funny Portraits:
 Any artists in the chapter? Silly portraits with subjects portrayed as circus characters - ringmaster, clown, acrobat, lion-tamer, fire-eater - make a fun party favor for guests and members alike. Or you can create the same characters as stand-up cutouts for instant take-home photos. Be sure to take extra shots for your chapter scrapbook!

 And for the main event, introduce your guests to Beta Sigma Phi with this easy "Sisterhood Circus" skit:

A Sisterhood Circus

A Sisterhood Circus

 Set up three "rings" for your performance. These could be small round rugs, or large cardboard circles, or simply circles created with yarn or streamers. Darken the room and showcase each performer with a spotlight. Cast your chapter officers and committee chairs as circus characters.

Cast of Characters and Props

President - Ringmaster (top hat and megaphone)

Vice President - Tight-Rope Walker (tights and a parasol)

Treasurer - Lion Tamer (boots, neck scarf, whip, toy lion)

Recording Secretary - Elephant Trainer (turban, 3 or 4 toy elephants)

Corresponding Secretary - Snake Charmer (toy snakes, forehead jewel, veil, bracelets and hoop earrings)

Social Chairman - Clown (clown nose, big shoes, curly wig, beep horn)

Program Chairman - Barker (derby hat, bow tie, pointer, rolled up scroll with titles of past programs lettered boldly)

Service Chairman - Juggler (juggling bats, organs, or balls)

Ways & Means Chairman - Balloon Vendor (boater-style hat, helium balloons with various service projects written on them)

Telephone/Email Chairman - Acrobat (tights, carries a net)

Member - Little Kid (short dress or pants, armful of balloons, large toy, large lollipop)

President/Ringmaster: (standing to one side)
"Ladies and ladies! The members of (your chapter name) ________ welcome you to the Sisterhood Circus! Tonight under our Beta Sigma Phi Big Top, we have the most exciting and talented performers you have ever seen! Introducing, in the first ring, (Vice President's Name) ___________, our Vice President and High-Wire Artist Extraordinaire!"

Vice President: (walking narrow line as though on a tight-rope)
"It's my role to keep our chapter balanced - with a happy mix of new friends and old!"

"And in the center ring, (Treasurer's Name) __________, our Treasurer and The World's Greatest Lion-Tamer!"

Treasurer: (cracking whip)
"I keep our chapter finances in line and make sure all the bills are paid!"

"And in the far ring, (Recording Secretary's Name) _____, our Recording Secretary and Trainer of our performing Pachyderms!"

Recording Secretary:
"I'm in charge of connections (connects trunks and tails of elephants). I maintain contact between our chapter and International, and keep our minutes and attendance."

"Back to our first ring, where we are starring (Corresponding Secretary's Name) ____________, our Corresponding Secretary and the Most Alluring and Entrancing Charmer of Snakes this side of the River Ganges!"

Corresponding Secretary: (twining snake or snakes around her arms and body).
"I handle all our social correspondence to help our chapter keep in touch with utmost charm and courtesy."

"Back to the center ring where we are featuring our Social Chairman, that famous Clown of Clowns, (Social Chairman's Name) ________!"

Social Chairman: (beeping horn)
"I keep EVERYONE amused - with happy times and many memorable moments for all!"

"And now in the far ring, (Program Chairman's Name)__________, our Program Chairman and the Best Barker under the Big Top."

Program Chairman: (unrolling scroll and pointing to titles of past programs).
"Step right up and learn all about it! I have your ticket to education, to enlightenment, to sensational entertainment!"

"And now in our first ring, (Service Chairman's Name) _________, our Service Chairman, with her Bountiful Beautiful Balloon Bouquet of Beneficence."

Service Chairman:
"(Chapter Name) ____________ gives back to our community with service, our way of showing our gratitude for all that's special and good in our lives." (lets helium balloons float away)

"Back to the center ring, where we showcase our Ways & Means Chairman (Ways & Means Chairman's Name) _______________, and Juggernaut Juggling Act!"

Ways & Means Chairman: (leans to one side and begins toss).
"I make sure we have - on the one hand - (leans to other side and catches) everything we need so we can DO what we want on the other hand!"

"And in the far ring (Telephone/Email Chairman's Name) _____________, our Telephone/Email Chairman and Amazing, Phenomenal Triple-Flipping Acrobat!"

Telephone/Email Chairman:
"I always work with a net - making sure our telephone and email network keeps everyone informed about all our chapter activities!"

"Back to the first ring, where we have the most important person in the chapter, the Magnificent Member, portrayed for us tonight by (Member's Name) __________________."

"I love the Beta Sigma Phi Big Top - it's such a big part of my life! I learn (holds up toy), I have a great time (licks giant lollipop), and best of all (waves balloons) I have friends!"

President/Ringmaster: (in center ring)
"And my name is (President's Name)_________. As chapter President, I'm the Ringmaster, so it's my job to bring it all together (holds arms wide and entire cast lines up). Take a bow, take a bow, (Chapter Name) ________________________! And thank you to our wonderful audience! Thank you for coming, one and all!"


Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.

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