The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross



The need of young women to have an opportunity to extend their education was apparent to Mr. Ross prior to his establishing Beta Sigma Phi. Fulfilling this need was paramount in what he wanted his organization to provide for its members.

Beta Sigma Phi was, initially, social and cultural designed to help the members. Later, Mr. Ross remarked that "the ink was hardly dry on that first charter when the members decided to help others!"

Early on in Beta Sigma Phi, program books were developed as basic guides to such things as:

  • subjects relevant to the adult world
  • outlines to experience and test various viewpoints
  • helping members think, feel and understand the world around them

The entire idea of these specific programs was to continue to work to translate the Good, True and Beautiful into the lives of members. Just as today, the basic goal of our cultural programs is to provide opportunities to express, understand and practice our highest ideals so as to make our lives a Masterpiece of Beauty, Love and Truth.

The programs and rituals cannot be separated. They stem from the same source, and they seek the same goals.


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