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Spa Party

 As women, we all enjoy quality girlfriend time ... after all, that is why we are in Beta Sigma Phi! A spa party is a casual rushing party that is very conducive to feeling feminine and having some fun girlfriend conversations.

 Instead of focusing on decorations, this party focuses on fun activities and good conversation. The spa party is a wonderful way to really get to know those you are rushing for membership. Included in this party plan are easy bath essentials, recipes as well as an easy appetizer recipe. Keep it simple and the personality of your chapter will really shine through. Pick any combination of the activities listed on this party plan.

 The invitation can be very simple for this party. You may choose to use store bought invitations or make your own. One chapter addressed the envelopes with nail polish for an extra special touch. Make sure the guest knows it is a casual party so they do not arrive over-dressed! Also, DO NOT have guests RSVP. Just have members of your chapter make follow-up phone calls one week after the invitations are sent. Include in the invitation that a member will contact them to confirm if they can attend. Make sure to include the specific member's name. Invitations are much more personal if they are sent from a specific person and the same person follows up with the potential guest.

 Have the same member pick up the guest and bring her to the event. It is much easier to walk into a party with someone, rather than alone.

 Invite a local cosmetic representative (Mary Kay, Avon, etc) to attend the party. Let her know in advance how many ladies will attend the event. Also inform her that your group is interested in having the "Satin Hand" treatment and to paint finger and toe nails. This is a wonderful activity because it costs your chapter nothing to have a Mary Kay representative. You can check with other cosmetic reps at local department stores as well. (They might even be prospective members!) Members and prospective members alike will really enjoy the relaxed, fun atmosphere of girl talk while painting their nails. As a gift, have the chapter buy a bottle of nail polish for the guests.

Spa Party

 Your chapter can also set up spa stations so each person at the party can create their own special spa treats to take home. Following are several easy recipes for spa essential goodies. Make sure to have several different scents available so everyone can find a scent they enjoy. Some popular scents are: vanilla, coconut, jasmine, rose, lemon, green tea and lavender.

 Another fun addition to this party is to have simple baskets or cute aluminum pails as gifts for guests. They can then load up their spa treats in the new container and take home. You can even personalize each basket or bucket for each guest. The most important thing is to have FUN and a GOOD TIME!

Spa Party

Soothing Bath Oil

  •  Sunflower oil (grocery store)
  •  Essential oils (craft store)
  •  Corked container
  •  Funnel

 Pour sunflower oil through the funnel and into the corked container, leaving at least an inch at the top. Add 4 teaspoons of essential oil per quart. Cork the container and agitate the bottle gently. Let it sit for a few days before using. Add crystals, beads, dried flowers, seashells, etc. inside the container for decoration.

Spa Party

Fizzy Bath Bombs

  •  1 part citric acid
  •  2 parts baking soda
  •  Food coloring
  •  Fragrance oil
  •  Optional water and mold

 Mix citric acid and baking soda together. Add a few drops of food coloring. The food coloring may cause the mixture to fizz. Add your fragrance oil. Break up large balls that form while mixing. You can leave the mixture loose or mist with water and mold into a shape.

Spa Party

Lotion Bars

  •  1 part beeswax
  •  1 part cocoa butter
  •  1 part sweet almond oil (you may substitute sunflower oil or jojoba oil)
  •  Essential oil or fragrance oil to desired strength
  •  Soap molds

 Melt beeswax and cocoa butter together in top of double boiler. When melted, add almond oil and stir until completely mixed. Stir until mixture cools slightly before adding essential oil. Pour into molds and let harden.

Spa Party

Air Freshener Gel Jars

  •  2 cups distilled water
  •  4 packages of unflavored gelatin
  •  50 drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance
  •  Food coloring as desired
  •  4 jars (approx. 4 oz. each)

 Heat one-cup water and add gelatin. Stir to dissolve. Remove from heat and add remaining water and desired food coloring. Divide drops of fragrance evenly among jars. Add gelatin mixture. Place lid or cork on jars and place in refrigerator for two hours. After the two hours they are ready to set around your home to add a wonderful waft of fragrance.

Luscious Crab Dip
Spa Party
  •  ½ cup butter (softened)
  •  ¼ cup mayonnaise
  •  1 garlic clove (crushed)
  •  6 oz. crabmeat
  •  1 cup cocktail sauce
  •  1 cup cream cheese (softened)
  •  2 Tablespoons lemon juice
  •  1 Tablespoon Worcestershire
  •  1 small onion (finely chopped)
  •  Assorted crackers

Mix butter, cream cheese and mayonnaise until smooth. (Don't use a blender - it will get soupy.) Add lemon juice, garlic and Worcestershire and mix well. Add onion and mix well. Stir in crab gently by hand. Refrigerate for two hours. Spread the mixture onto serving plate and pour cocktail sauce over top. Serve with crackers and enjoy!

Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.
Actual Size is 350 x 350
right click on image for large size.

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