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The Tater Family

 (This can be presented by members of a Chapter, by Executive Board members or members of a City Council. Members are encouraged to have fun with it...dress the part, talk the part. Make the point! This is an effective, albeit fun, way to remind members the importance of participation.
Participation is the key to enjoying your membership in Beta Sigma Phi!)


 I want you all to meet the Tater Sisters, sometimes known as the Tater Bugs. They are: Mrs. Dick Tater, Mrs. Irri Tater, Mrs. Hesi Tater, Miss Imi Tater, Miss Agi Tater and Mrs. Speck Tater. They all belong to our Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Each has a very big problem and I hope we can help her solve it.

Mrs. Dick Tater

 "How do you do! My name is Mrs. Dick Tater. I'm one of the more important Tater Sisters because I know how things ought to be done in Beta Sigma Phi. No, I don't actually do much, but I have a voice loud enough and a tongue long enough to tell any woman what to do. I really don't have time to listen to their ideas.....they are probably no good anyway.
 I have a marvelous understanding of the rules and regulations. Why, I have practically memorized the Book of Beta Sigma Phi and I've figured out almost everything except this: Why is it I have never developed any close friendships in any chapter I've been in?"

Mrs. Irri Tater

 "Yes, I'm Mrs. Irri Tater. I don't mind telling you that I'm a very faithful Beta Sigma Phi member, because I wouldn't miss a meeting for anything. You see, I found out a long time ago where our President tied her goat, so I just get her goat really often. I just love to whisper, for instance, during the business meeting and then ask her to repeat what she said.
 I enjoy making people uncomfortable. Guess it's because I've always been uncomfortable myself. I always chew gum and make my neighbors frown. Oh, I could bring some change for our Service fund, but I like to stir the money in the dish to make my change. How do I serve my chapter? Oh, if I do anything, I try to help with the refreshments, then I can leave the room before the program is over and start rattling the dishes. After all, it's a free country and I'm over 21...well, just a little......and I figure I can do as I please. No club is perfect and I do have a problem...why does someone always rub me the wrong way every time we meet?"

Mrs. Hesi Tater

 "Hello Sisters! Yes, I'm Mrs. Hesi Tater, and I'm in every Beta Sigma Phi chapter, too. I've never held an office and I have yet to really work on a committee. After all, I'm not a college graduate and I might not be smart enough to do the job right. I don't even like to help with the refreshments the way Irri does. The ice cream might melt, you know. They wanted me to help collect the dues; why I couldn't do THAT. I hesitate to pay my own dues until I just have to. You know, my husband or I might lose our jobs or I might have an extended illness, so I wait until the day before the penalty goes on before I pay.
 I'll come to the meetings when it suits me, but don't expect too much! What? Could I help with our Ways and Means project? I should say should realize that one person can't do it all.
 I just cannot understand....why don't I enjoy the fellowship of Beta Sigma Phi like others do?"

Mrs. Imi Tater

 "That's right . . . I'm Miss Imi Tater. My sister Agi and I never married. Oh, I had a chance alright, but Agi didn't marry, so I decided not to marry either. I don't like to be different. I figure other people can think better than I can, so I just do what they do. I don't try to think better than I can, so I just do what they do. I don't try to develop my own ideas....I could make a mistake, you know. In the business session, I vote however my neighbor votes. That way, I don't have to listen so closely to the motions. When the group stands, I stand....and when they sit, I sit.
 If my neighbor puts in a dollar for something, I put in a dollar. The other night, they took up a collection for a gift for something or other, and my neighbor put in a $5 dollar bill...well, I found me another seat! When the other members go to convention, I go. Guess that's why I'm here tonight. But I'll say this, one gets mighty tired of having other people think for her. I'd really appreciate a way out of my dilemma!"

Miss Agi Tater

 "How do you do, Ladies! I'm Miss Agi Tater....Imi's older sister. I like to keep things in an uproar. I know all the latest gossip and I'm expert at adding a little flavor to my stories. I figure it's not the truth that counts; it's what folks will believe. I have a keen sense of humor, and I can make up in suspicion what I lack in knowledge. I don't like to choose my friends; I'd rather "pick" pieces, I mean. I tell everything I can get my ears on. I may not know our chapter sisters well enough to speak to them, but I know them well enough to talk about them. Yes sirree......I'm a born agitator! I just don't understand why I don't have any close friends! OTHER PEOPLE DO!"

Mrs. Speck Tater

 "Hello! I'm Mrs. Speck Tater. I'm a member of Beta Sigma Phi and I come most of the time, but I'm not very smart and I'm scared to death to speak in public, so I go to the meeting early, get my favorite seat and there I stay until my dinner or refreshments are served. I enjoy the programs members present, and I think it's a nice group of women. I think it's fine that they work for several months selling tickets for this 'n that in order to help with our Service project, but heck....nobody in my family has need. And I know lots of chapters adopt needy families, but my family is not needy, and believe me, I don't intend to help with anything I can't benefit from sirree! I'll come to meetings when I don't have something more interesting to do. But if they ask me to do anything, I'll quit. I'm a born looker-on. My problem is....I can't seem to make much sense out of committee planning, socials, programs or service. Seems like a lot of fuss over nothing to me."


 "Our last lady is actually a cousin of the Tater Sisters. Her last name is Pater....Miss Par Tissie Pater. One look at her and you know she is one ideal sis. Let's hear what she has to say!"

Miss Par Tissie Pater

 "Hi, Sisters! Yes, I'm Tissie Pater. I want you to know I thoroughly enjoy Beta Sigma Phi. My cousins simply don't seem to understand the purpose of Beta Sigma Phi. They have never taken time to find out what Beta Sigma Phi stands for. They don't realize there are more than 200,000 members working for the same achieve for ourselves a better cultural and social life. What they need to do is...PARTICIPATE!
 I enjoy my participation in the life of my sorority and its program. I've served on several committees, either as chairman or a member. It is a real challenge and a joy to be of service to your sorority and to let the women of your chapter know that we are trying to make their jobs easier or them.
 Friendship is a basic need for all of us. We have friendship in Beta Sigma Phi, but it takes us all working toward a common goal to achieve it.
 When one participates, she learns much faster and soon sees the need for membership, ways and means, social, service and all the other committees in Beta Sigma Phi. I wouldn't trade places with any of my cousins...I have too much fun, fellowship and service in my sorority.
 I have a problem though too. What are we going to do with Dick, Irri, Hesi, Imi, Agi and Speck?"


 "Now that we've heard from all the family, how can we help Tissie bring about a change in her cousins?"

 Your chapter may not contain a whole Tater family, but most chapters will have at least a couple of Tater Bugs in their membership. It is not our aim to exterminate these bugs, but to help them become useful PARTICIPATING members and an asset to their chapter. Knowledge, fun and fellowship add up to participation and make good Beta Sigma Phi chapters.


When you present this skit to your chapter, or council, give a potato to each member. Present them after the skit and ask members, "Which Tater are YOU?" It would be a tangible and fun reminder. . .

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