The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Torch Will Light The Way

 "... I find my thoughts turning inward to the great torch of Beta Sigma Phi.

 The torch is the symbol of the faith we have in the precepts laid down for us by the Wise Woman of Mantinea. These precepts are the foundation stones, the doors of knowledge, the"open sesame" to a bright and wonderful future.

 How bright is its flame for you? How many doors of learning have you passed through?

 And where do we find the key to unlock these doors? From the day we became Beta Sigma Phis we have had the secret, though perhaps some of us did not know it. So subtle is the journey, so potent is the knowledge, that it was hidden from view lest the greatness of the plan frighten us.

 I have passed many doors, each leading me into greater depth, greater experiences, greater understanding. There was the door marked Invitation to Life, where I learned the purpose of Beta Sigma Phi, its growth and scope, its rituals. There was the door marked Life, Learning, Friendship - another experience where I became acquainted with the verities of life and became aware of the need for true and lasting friendships.

 So many doors to recall!

 Each year we closed one door of self-advancement to go on through other doors. There are still so many yet to be opened, leading to avenues of thrilling excitement, that I am eager to move ahead.

 As the years go by, I become more aware of the real meaning of these doors through which we pass and the rightness of the torch which lights our way. Success comes through understanding both ourselves and the other person, and our relationship to life.

 As we advance to higher degrees and life experiences we reach out for higher knowledge, and body, mind, heart, and spirit combine into an inner glowing torch which, when reflected into our outer actions, makes for radiant, gracious living.

 Our ultimate goal is a life patterned after a spiritual inner glow - a many splendored thing!

 How bright is the torch we hold, how bright!"

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