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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

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 15 Active Members

 Established - July 22, 1994

 Chartered - April 6, 1995

 Traditional Chapter - Meetings twice/per month

 Active in Johnson County City Council

 Meeting Dates/Time: 1st & 3rd Thursdays -- in member's homes
 7:00 PM - Social 'Hour'
 7:15 PM - Business Meeting, Program, More Socializing

 Age range: 40-60's

 1 Ritual of Jewels
 4 Exemplar
 6 Preceptor
 4 Laureate

 7 hold Order of the Rose
 5 hold Silver Circle
 1 holds the International Award of Distinction

 City Council Preceptor Chapter of the Year the past 5 years

 Friendly Ventured the 1st Chapter for Deaf Women & those who serve the deaf community as our contribution to the Millennium Membership Program (2000-2001)

 Members live:
 1 in Eudora
 4 in Overland Park
 2 in Leawood
 4 in Shawnee
 3 in Lenexa
 1 in Olathe

 PDD is a chapter of very talented, kind, fun loving, & caring Sisters who make a real difference in each others' lives! We are open to & welcome new members, pledges and transferees alike. Most of all, we treasure the Friendship & fellowship we share as Sisters in Beta Sigma Phi . . .

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