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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


Service is only one phase of Beta Sigma Phi.
Remember to maintain a balance with other activities.


Who should decide what projects or how many projects will be completed any given year?

Every member should have a voice in deciding
what projects and how many projects the chapter should attempt to complete in a given year. The use of an Individual Member Interest Survey could bring this information to light in the very early stages of the planning. In such an interest survey, each member is asked, among other things, to list her first, second, and third choice of the type of service project that she thinks would be the best for the chapter to consider.


What project will achieve the greatest good for all concerned - for the recipients of the service, or for the members giving the service?

In your thinking and discussing, evaluate the work of the various projects proposed - whether they are proposed by individual members or by the Service Committee. By allowing every member to have a choice in the decision, the project can be carefully selected (perhaps one which is not already getting the support of many other organizations in the community) before the group leaps into the development of any given project. This way, they will have the added satisfaction of knowing that the projects chosen are serving a real need.


When, generally speaking, should the number and kinds of service projects under consideration by the chapter be definitely decided on?

Proposals of projects are usually acquired by the Service Committee in three ways:
1. Directly
2. From various members who have submitted their proposals to the Service Committee
3. If the interest survey is used, from the member or members who tabulated the results of proposals in the last spring or early summer. This enables the chapter to reach a decision at the first fall meeting, if one has not been previously reached at a called planning meeting during the summer.


Where can a chapter go to get information regarding philanthropic and civic needs of its community?

Each chapter will probably know those people, organizations, or agencies which will be able to best supply this information in their localities


Why should a chapter be so careful in trying to maintain a good balance of service activities along with the cultural and social activities?

Month in and month out, service projects are almost certain to produce weariness, boredom, and disinterest.

A year that is balanced between social, cultural, and service activities would maintain its flavor and zest.

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