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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

WALTER W. ROSS, Founder of Beta Sigma Phi

(from the 50th Anniversary issue of The Torch)

 While many of us did not have the privilege of meeting the man who founded our sorority, we have become familiar with his face, and with the philosophy upon which he created Beta Sigma Phi. He was a man who always looked to the future; he saw the great possibilities of our organization in a time of great economic depression.

 If he were here today, he would be wishing us a Great Experience. To quote from a message he shared with all members:

 "Two elements seem necessary to be rich in Life. One must love people and one must be an actor in some good part of life instead of a spectator.

 The great strength of Beta Sigma Phi derives from their compassion for those in need as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of projects of helpfulness to others and also their intense interest in sharing with others what they have in Beta Sigma Phi, by their gracious invitations for them to come join us.

 Beta Sigma Phis are doers and in the doing, so many richly rewarding by-products develop. You will always be rich in Life. You will be rich in Learning, too, for you have made the great discovery that the real world belongs to those who can comprehend it.

 Beta Sigma Phis are rich in Friendships. To move from Boston to San Francisco, or from New York to Glasgow, Scotland, and find friends smiling a welcome is part of what a Beta Sigma Phi means by the third great division of our motto. She also means the friendships of the more intimate chapter circle; she means friendships with leaders of communities, with Supreme Court judges, with workers in all walks of life.

 She is rich in friendships, because she looks upon the making of new friendships as a high adventure."

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