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YOU and the Chapter Yardstick

 Are you, yourself, a Three Star Member? Here is your opportunity to find out how much YOU are contributing to your chapter's becoming a Three Star Chapter. Grade yourself on this personal "yardstick".

For Committee Chairman:
 Have you had committee meetings and given a report at each meeting?

For Officers:
 Have you sent in all forms and reports to International?

For Pledges:
 Have you attended all of your pledge training meetings?

For All of you:
 Have YOU attended a city council meeting?

 Have YOU assisted any other chapter or helped as a member Advisor?

 Have YOU read the Book of Beta Sigma Phi all the way through at least once since September?

 Have YOU helped with the various chapter service projects?

 Have YOU participated in all ways and means projects?

 Did YOU bring in any rushees or transferees during the year?

 Have YOU paid your chapter dues and International fees?

 Have YOU given your program assignments on the dates scheduled?

 Have YOU attended meetings regularly and punctually?

 Have YOU ... given the best that is in you to shed the Light of Our Torch throughout the world?

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