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Woman of the Year

 The highest example of member cooperation, without which a chapter cannot function, is the Woman of the Year. This title is given to outstanding members by chapters who wish to recognize them for wholehearted participation in sorority activities and for making the fullest use of their talents for the good of the chapter and the community.

 The member who receives this honor knows the value of attendance at all sorority activities, committee meetings, and regular chapter meetings. Her presence at sorority functions indicates that she is aware of the benefits it brings to herself and her chapter.

 Participation counts high in the selection of a Woman of the Year. Through participation the member contributes the most to her chapter and at the same time realizes the most from her membership. The cooperating member presents an interesting and informative program when she is called upon to do so. She serves willingly and efficiently on committees or as an officer, contributing her time and talent where they are needed.

 The Woman of the Year, enjoying her own membership, is eager to bring the sorority to others. Her enthusiasm is a good advertisement for the sorority to those not acquainted with it as well as a good example to the chapter.

 When chapters consider candidates for the title of Woman of the Year, they remember special kindnesses and courtesies given to members outside their chapter or to those outside the sorority who need help. They take into account unusual ideas that members have introduced, which brought success and added recognition to Beta Sigma Phi. Special talents used at a Beta Sigma Phi or some other worthy community activity are also considered.

 The Woman of the Year tradition started in 1952 when the membership suggested that chapters honor outstanding Beta Sigma Phis who have given to the sorority the character it has today. Most chapters use the suggested deadline of April 1 for choosing the Woman of the Year, basing their selection on points in the Guide Sheet for Selecting Chapter's Women of the Year, which is available from the International Office and can be found in The Strawberry Patch at Ask Maggie - Valentine Queen & Woman of the Year

 The cooperating member-exemplified by the Woman of the Year-is behind the success of every chapter activity. Eager to contribute what she can to the sorority, she in turn receives an abundance of benefits. She lives, to the best of her ability, the ideal of being "the friendliest, the loveliest-minded, the most socially accepted," and is an asset to her sorority.

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