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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

What Is A Secret Sister?

 Each year we draw names from a hat, box or whatever is handy. The name you draw is your Secret Sister for the year.

 The hard part of having a Secret Sister is trying to keep it a secret, and one of the fun parts is trying to guess who's Secret Sister you are.

 Your Secret Sister is someone you treat even a little more special than all your other sisters (without letting her know who's being so nice.)

 Many members ask, especially newer members, what exactly are my responsibilities to my Secret Sister? Well a good rule of thumb is to treat your Secret Sister in the same manner you would wish to be treated by your Secret Sister.

 Birthdays and anniversaries are special days to each of us, so we always try and remember our Secret Sister on these days most of all. Remembrances on her husband's and children's birthdays are entirely a matter of your choice. Some women do and some women don't.

 It is not necessary to spend an excessive amount of money on your Secret Sister. It isn't a contest to see how much money you can spend. Often a very inexpensive, simple little thing will mean much more than an expensive elaborate gift. Something you make yourself is always especially nice. If you make things that might reveal your identity, save that for the end of the year when you reveal.

 Just remember, thoughtfulness is the key, not expense. A card is much better to send than stretching your budget when it can't be stretched any more. Sisters understand that, and it is the thought, more than the gift given, that is most appreciated.

Another way to explain it . . .

WHO Each member is a Secret Sister to another and she has a Secret Sister that she remembers.
WHAT Sneaky, thoughtful, clever, loving, secretive, humorous, sentimental, loyal!
WHEN On the birthday and anniversary of Secret Sister and at revealing. She can, however, remember her at other times with cards or small tokens of friendship.
WHERE The gifts or cards are usually brought to the meeting nearest the event to be remembered and left in a bag, box or basket at the front door of the hostess's home. At the end of the meeting, the contents are distributed to the appropriate persons. Cards and gifts can always be mailed.
HOW Look at her personal page in your chapter yearbook. (Good luck if she narrows it down to anything!) LISTEN and maybe you will overhear, "I wish I had . . ." Or, just observe her personal taste and her home for ideas.
WHY Everyone likes to feel special and be remembered. And while it's fun to be mysterious, it's rewarding to see someone happy because you thought of them. But remember, your remembrances should be Gifts from the Heart, NOT gifts that burden the pocketbook. GIVING IS RECEIVING AND RECEIVING IS GIVING. That's really the secret that lies behind living!

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