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More About Secret Sisters

 For Your Information . . .

Some chapters do the following. These are all good suggestions (and only suggestions) you might wish to include in your chapter's yearbook if you haven't already.

Have a Secret Sister (some call it Sunshine) Committee in your chapter.
In the yearbook (Committees section), a 'job description' is included.


Secret Sister

This Chairman will organize the drawing of names for Secret Sister exchange at the last meeting in May (or whenever you draw). This activity should in some way incorporate the current Int'l theme (it doesn't have to, but makes it more fun and makes members focus on the theme!) At each regular meeting, the Secret Sister Chairman will remind members of upcoming special dates and distribute any gifts presented for that evening.


Chapter Traditions

o Secret Sisters will be exchanged yearly with the drawing of names on Revealing Day.
o Summer birthdays/anniversaries are celebrated on Beginning Day.
o Revealing of Secret Sisters will be the second meeting in May (or whenever your Revealing Day is.)


Standing Rules

o Secret Sisters will be remembered with a gift on her birthday, anniversary, holidays, and revealing. (Each chapter sets their own rule. This is just an example of what one chapter does.)

The importance of sharing this with you is that sometimes it is good to have it all written down in black and white. And when you welcome new members to your Golden Circle, they will know when to participate. Everyone will be on the same page, so-to-speak!

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