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If a member is working toward perfect attendance and cannot attend a regular meeting of her own chapter, she may attend a regular meeting of another chapter for credit. The meeting must be approved by the members of her chapter, and she should attend within a month or six weeks.

If a chapter of the same degree is available, the member should attend a regular meeting of that chapter. However, if there is no chapter of that degree, or if it should meet on the same night as her own chapter, it would be acceptable for her to attend a meeting of any other chapter. Attending a City Council meeting would not give a member credit for a makeup chapter meeting.

When there are extenuating circumstances which prevent a member from attending her own chapter meeting, she would be counted either excused or unexcused. Then, if she is attending a meeting of another chapter to make up for the absence, she would take credit on her personal attendance record. IT would be necessary to make a record of this in the minutes, but otherwise no formal reporting to International would be required.

It is good to know your members are interested in maintaining a good attendance record. This is so important to the individual member, the officers and all of the chapter.

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