The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


Gladys Fike
Utah Lambda, Salt Lake City

To have:

Tolerance -- The faults of my friends which I freely condone are always the ones which resemble my own.

Fellowship -- We're all the part of one big plan, to work together, not compete; thus one who beats his fellow man has caused his own defeat.

Happiness -- A pot of gold you're sure to find, if to the rainbow's end you go--the man who has a pot of gold can't always find a rainbow, tho.

A Desire for Service -- May I walk my ways, clear-eyed and free, and do some good anonymously.

Kindness -- Bare trees against the winter sky may make patterns delicate as lace--thus loss can give the strong of soul a special kind of charm and grace.

Courage -- A man can own uncounted gold and land and buildings tall; but Kindness is to give away, it can't be owned at all.

Vision -- This moment is the peak of time; on it we stand and see the future and the past stretch out--two roads to one eternity.

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