The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Thoughts and ideas from members about

Women's Trade Magazines
Insurance Women - National Association of Insurance Women
Professional Secretaries
Following through on names sent from the International Office
Talk with people & promote Beta Sigma Phi wherever you venture
Better publicity
Break out of cliques
Advertising in local newspapers; local TV coverage
Pursue new members on a one to one basis - ask women where you work, shop, etc.
Encourage every council to have a rush picnic in the summer for their area. Last year we added 34 members, 12 from the picnic
Extend our welcome & friendship to new residents in the community
College campuses
High school graduating class members; school yearbooks
New community/industry growth areas. You'll find excellent prospects for membership (where people are moving in with no prior network of friends and/or relatives
Newly populated areas
Remote areas
Send each President or Recording Secretary a personal request form for every member to recommend names
Suburban newspapers - check birth announcements. It often includes the address so you would have an idea of where the area is. Collect for 6 months, and then contact these new moms! They are now ready for something especially for THEM that is special! They also have 1 wonderful thing in common - a new baby!
Community Colleges
Trade and technical schools
Church directories
School directories
Neighborhood directories
New subdivisions in your area
City Council Membership and Torch Team efforts

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