The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


By Dora Moitoret, Washington Epsilon, Seattle
March, 1949 issue of The Torch)
 (paraphrased by Marilyn Ross)

When we join hands for the Closing Ritual, and form the circle which is part of the form of our procedure, I like to think of that circle as a circuit. Each Beta Sigma Phi, spiritually as well as physically, is an important part of this circuit. Out from each one runs strength and power and love, flowing through the clasped hand of her sister on through the entire group. Each member thus feels the outflowing of the good of all. The sweetness of spirit, the earnestness of purpose, the determination to give the best, is thus magnified and enlarged to the full circumference.

Imagine the great circle, with thousands of Beta Sigma Phi sisters all around this beautiful earth of ours clasping hands, forming the circuit through which the best of Beta Sigma Phi flows on and out and through. When our thought is serious and our prayer is deep and earnest, the words "May the Lord watch . . . ." take on real meaning and become a transforming power.

As we grow in understanding, and increase our own sending strength through selfless love and unselfish impulses, our individual vibrations reach farther and farther through that unbroken line of thought and purpose. Each heart through which it passes takes what it needs, for need attracts fulfillment, and thus we help each other silently and sincerely.

The beautiful thing about it is the unlimited range within which we can work, when we work with unselfish love. Our distributing frequencies are not limited by law, our receptivity is not limited by any physical machinery. We give and take, each in the measure of her own strength and desire, for the great good of all.

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