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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Your Beta Sigma Phi Heart
By Viola Boles of Lincoln Nebraska

(excerpted from the February, 1949 issue of The Torch)

 "LIFE is a gift of which the humblest person may boast, and it was given to us to be used every day. The best thing about Life is that the more we use it in service for others, the more beautiful it becomes. In being of service to others, we make someone else happy. In bringing happiness to others, we are happy.

 Several years ago, when I was visiting at the home of Walter W. Ross, Mr. Ross said of a friend, "She is not a member of Beta Sigma Phi, but she certainly has a Beta Sigma Phi heart." The phrase, "A Beta Sigma Phi heart," has recurred to me many times since then.

 What makes a Beta Sigma Phi heart? Certainly there are definite actions and deeds we must perform before we can be so recognized. To me, it seems that if we practice only the two great lessons of our sisterhood--the lesson of LOVE and the lesson of SERVICE--we, too, can be labeled as having a Beta Sigma Phi heart. Being a member of Beta Sigma Phi should not be sufficient in itself. You never will enjoy your membership to its utmost until you actually have lived and breathed these two great lessons.

 If we, who have lived just a little longer and perhaps gained a little more experience in one field or another, will only share it TODAY, TOMORROW Beta Sigma Phi can reap the harvest. The greatest reward we can have is the knowledge that we have helped others to get more out of life. Don't deny yourself this beautiful experience.

 February is "heart month." Be exemplary and let your Beta Sigma Phi heart abound with love and service. Every act of service you perform will not only enhance the dignity of our sisterhood, but will keep you--the gracious woman--more charming!"

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