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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Weave A Web of

Thoughts & Ideas . . . from Marilyn Ross

  • Faith is the expectancy of good . . .
     . . . and speaking of faith, do you know the story (we believe it to be an old Danish folktale) about the spider who dropped by a long thread from the rafters of a huge barn and landed in a dark corner of it? Here he set to work and spun himself an elaborate and beautiful web. When he had finished, he noticed a single strand stretching up out of sight and he thought, "Now that really isn't necessary. I can't even see where it goes nor to what it is connected." So he cut it off. Instantly, his whole intricate web shriveled and collapsed ! There was nothing left of it at all without that fine connecting strand, even though the spider couldn't see where it went.

     Q. In reference to our Sisterhood in Beta sigma Phi,
     What is YOUR fine connecting strand?
     To what or to whom are you connected?
     What would you say are your connections in Beta Sigma Phi?

  • Our lives are woven by the weavers of time, in a pattern we cannot see. Look to the skies, the stars will light the way.

  • Real friends believe in us even when we doubt ourselves. They remind us to look deeper and to remember the very fabric of which we are made.

  • "The threads of Friendship embroider our lives with patterns of joy"
     -author unknown

  • Each day comes bearing its gifts, untie the ribbons.
     -Ann Ruth Schabacker

  • Time is a gypsy . . . scattering stars and weaving dreams.

  • Somewhere in the sky, a web made of clouds, stars and moonlight, holds all of our tomorrows.

  • The only ladder to the stars is woven with dreams.

  • In true joy there is spender ... ... and its threads run through the beginning of every dream.

  • Sweet memories are woven from the good times.

  • Love can be a satin ribbon and the smell of roses.
    Or a dream woven from a golden thread.

Definitions: WEB . . .

  • any woven fabric -
     Use your imagination with weaving various kinds of 'fabric'. For example, "Before I can understand where I'm going, it is important for me to understand where I've been. The roots of my heart, the voices of my past are all a part of the woman I am today. As I touch upon old scripts, let me remember how far I've come; and let me always hold sacred each shimmering thread that makes up the exquisite fabric of ME." - Flavia
     Share the wonder & special-ness of you as a program! It is always a gift to gain insight into each other.

     What are your threads to memory"
     What silver cords will you weave into each new day this year"

  • network spun by a spider -- spider webs

    a network -- Network with your own chapter of city council & create a new RJ chapter. There would be no greater way to Weave A Web of Friendship! And, yes, you can do it!

     Another idea re: networking. Contact Int'l & ask for the address of the chapter who has the same name as yours, only in a neighboring state, or another country even! Network with them! Our organization is all about friendship. And they would love to hear from you, too!

  • net -- netting; wrap gifts in netting & tie-up with woven ribbons

  • Fishnet -- is popular fashion-wise this year. Wear fishnet stockings. Use fishnet in a beach party social, using lots of it.

  • webbed, webbing -- to join by, or cover as with, a web ----- as in accompanying story of the Int'l theme. Focus on 'points of connection', realizing each member in your chapter/council is a 'point in the connection' that joins us all together.

  • Cobweb - Throw a 'cobweb' social!
     Dress as a maid, or Cinderella BEFORE the ball [or one of the ugly step- sisters!] etc. Use web-making material available in craft stores, card shops around Halloween to decorate. Plan the menu around cob, cobweb, or cobweb-looking-food like: corn-on-the-COB, spaghetti, triscuits have a woven pattern. Have a spaghetti-board-party. Those are great fun! Find a huge board [clean & big enough to accommodate the numbers of people at your party] Serve the spaghetti on the board, instead of using plates. It's odd at first, but once you get into it & see others, you lose your inhibitions & it is great fun! Remember, we're suppose to have fun!!!!!

  • spider's web -- Be Spider woman! Ask each member of your chapter to dress as spider woman for Halloween. Give prizes!

  • trap

  • snare

  • ensnarement

  • entrapment

  • mesh

  • net - world wide web!

  • network - see above

  • interlacement

  • entwinement

  • intertwinement

  • lace -- Plan a program on the history of lace;
     share with one another any vintage lace pieces that are family heirlooms, i.e., on wedding dresses, christening gowns, handkerchiefs, old linens. Veils -- do something with hats! Lacy blouses, lingerie; lace tablecloths, curtains, dollies. Make invitations this year using paper lace or dollies. They come in all shapes & sizes! How about a program on snowflakes & the lacy designs they make?

  • lattice

  • latticework -- gazebos, trellises, fences; needlework, embroidery.
     A summer social in or near a beautiful gazebo with lots of latticework would be fun. How about an old time ice cream social in a gazebo? Ice cream cones have a woven pattern, too. How about a program on gazebos?

    All of you who do needlework &/or embroidery, now is a time to share & teach.

  • braid -- Learn to braid, whether it be hair, yarn, ribbon or rugs!

     Use ribbon -- weave it, using it in all sorts of different ways. Learn to make ribboned pillows, sachets, greeting cards, etc.

  • braiding -- Invite a hairdresser/stylist to talk about braids, braiding; or weaving.

  • envelop -- transferees to your area with your love & friendship

  • cover

  • surround -- those who are hurting with your love & friendship

  • enclose -- Love in every note, card & letter you send this year

  • snare, ensnare

  • entrap

  • capture -- a rainbow of Life, Learning & Friendship!

  • catch

  • hook - Plan a 'Captain Hook' social.
     Give a prize to the one who best captures the spirit of Captain Hook! And/or watch the movie, "Peter Pan," remembering we Beta Sigma Phis are forever young!

  • webbing -- a strong fabric (woven in strips & used for belts, lawn chairs, fly-swatters, etc.)

WEAVE . . .

  • to make(a fabric, basket, etc.) by interlacing (with threads, straw, etc.) as on loom

     Use baskets in your chapter all year for every occasion. Who among us doesn't have one or some & wouldn't like more? Have a sec sis social & bring your sec sister's dinner in a special basket she can take home & use for something special. Invite your local Longaberger basket representative to give a program on the history of these gorgeous baskets! It's fascinating. Perhaps you have an old basket that has special meaning in your life. Now is a time to share the story of why it has special meaning to you. Or, conduct a program & learn how to weave one!

  • to construct as in the mind -- a special sisterly thought; how about a "Chapter Poem." One members starts with one line (or, it can be the beginning of a fun story!) The next member continues with another line & so forth until every member has contributed. What a hoot that could be!!! Have fun!

  • to twist something into or through -- hold a 60's party. Plan it around Chubby Checker & 'The Twist' ..

  • to spin (a web) as spiders do
     Spin-he-bottle! Play that old children's game at a couple's social.

  • to make (one's way) by moving from side to side or in & out
     do something with caterpillars

  • a method of pattern of weaving, i.e. interlace
    work in or together
    twist together
    knit together
    fit together

  • make or make up, as in
     create -- something new & different. How about a real change of plans in your chapter's
     social calendar. Do something totally new & different! That is always good to do . . .
     compose -- poems, short stories, 'web books'
     design -- all kinds of webs together!
     build - friendship within your chapter

  • zigzag

  • crisscross

  • go in-and-out

  • move from side to side

  • sway

Weave A Web of

Ideas . . . from Wooble

What you can do with Friendship Poems
  • Card:  Trim, or tear the edges for the torn look and glue onto card stock.

  • Decoupage:  Print the poems and have them color copied onto nice paper at a copy center.  Trim, or tear the edges for the torn look, and decoupage the poem onto a plaque.  There are several good brands of decoupage glue available in craft stores.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  Seal plaque with a good sealer.  (Note:  Print from ink jet prints will blur when decoupaged.)

  • Mat & Frame:   Mat and frame the poem with a beautiful frame and mat color to match the decor it will be used in.

  • Scroll:   Roll up into a scroll and tie with pretty ribbon.   (If gift recipient wishes to decoupage the poem, it must be color-copied first to prevent smearing.)

  • Friendship Quilt:  Present this poem with a quilt square.

  • Friendship's Tapestry

  • Golden Threads of Friendship:  Decorate this poem with heavy gold thread before presenting.

  • Hugs & Kisses:  Envelop candy kisses (silver kisses and striped hugs) with a tulle circle and tie with a pretty ribbon to present with this poem.

  • I "Mint" To:  Envelop wrapped chocolate mints  or pastel party mints with a tulle circle and tie with a pretty ribbon to present with this poem.

  • The Colors Of Friendship:  Decorate using colored ribbons matching the colors in the poem to present with this poem.

Friendship Bag

This bag holds a few reminders of friendship!

  • Lifesavers: A reminder of the times we need others help and they need ours.

  • Cotton Ball: To cushion the rough roads, a symbol of support from family and friends!

  • Rubber Band: For flexibility!

  • Sweet & Sour Tarts: A reminder to appreciate the differences in others.

  • A Hug & Kiss: A reminder that we all need hugs & kisses.

  • Happy Faces: Smiling increases face value and is contagious!

  • Candle: A reminder to share your light with others.

  • Bandaid: For healing hurt feelings -- yours and others.

  • Eraser: A reminder that everyday you can start over with a clean slate.

  • Toothpick: To pick out the good in everyone -- including yourself.

  • Button: To button your lips when you have nothing good to say.

  • Golden Thread: To tie hearts together in friendship.

  • Bubble Gum or Bottle of Bubbles: So that you can blow bubbles instead of words

  • Gum: A reminder that friends stick together through good and bad.

  • Rock: To remind you of the durability of our friendship.

  • Mint: A reminder that you are WORTH A MINT as my friend!!!!

Friendship Wreath

A craft project from the Craft Yarn Council of America

Decorate your door or wall with a beautiful yarn wreath. Change yarn colors every season and then have fun decorating with florals, ribbons, charms, fabric and more. The secret: twisted yarn. There's no knitting or crocheting Sample Friendship Wreath
You will need 7 oz. of each color of 4-ply acrylic knitting yarn you wish to use, and a 14" wire ring. This will give you more than enough yarn to make each color of cord. In total, a three-color twisted yarn wreath requires 21 oz. of 4-ply yarn.
To decorate your twisted cord wreath requires:
  • 2 1/2 yards ribbon for a bow
  • Silk floral candle ring
  • Or a few of your favorite flowers
The twisted yarn cords used to make your wreath will each measure 45" in length when finished. To make a twisted yarn cord that is 45" long you will need to begin with loops that are 135" long. Loop the yarn around two fixed points such as door knobs or chair spindles.

Here's how.
  1. Make 40 loops around 2 fixed points, 135" apart.

  2. Wrap one of the loose strands of yarn around the 40 loops to hold yarn together and tie the two loose strands together.

  3. Slip a plastic crochet hook through the end of the 40 loops.

  4. Pull the length of yarn taut and begin twisting until very firm.

  5. Keeping the now-twisted yarn taut, find the mid-point and fold in half, bringing the opposite ends together. On longer lengths, when working by yourself, you will need to bend the mid-point around an object that allows you to easily slip off the finished cord. The finished twisted yarn cord will twist on itself. All you need to do is hold ends securely. You may want to guide the cord with your hands as it is twisting.

  6. Using a crochet hook, pull one of the loose strands through all loops of the other end.

  7. Tie the two strands together.
  1. Join the three cords at one end.
  2. Braid the three yarn cords together.
  3. Secure ends and join beginning to end.
  4. Tie with double strands of yarn to wire ring.
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