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Weave A Web Of Friendship

By Michelle Vyles
Texas Beta Epsilon Theta, The Colony
...from The Torch, May/June 1998...


 " Three years ago, our chapter was formed. It was comprised of young women who came to Beta Sigma Phi, each looking for something different. Our first two years were plagued with turmoil, though we did have some good times. The turmoil was caused by our diversity - diversity in age, in personalities, in ideals that we were looking for in Beta Sigma Phi. Instead of enjoying sorority and being a cohesive group of sisters, we spent two years weathering storms of friction.

 It was during our second year that our vice president, Linette LaBove, brought an interesting program to our meeting. She started our program by tying the loose end of a ball of yarn to her finger. She then asked herself and everyone else this question:
 " What were you hoping to find in Beta Sigma Phi? "

 She answered the question herself, then tossed the ball of yarn to someone else. That person had to answer the question, wrap the yarn around her finger, then toss the yarn to another person. This continued until everyone had answered the first question and Linette once again had the ball of yarn. She then asked:
 " What have you gotten from Beta Sigma Phi? "

 And the ball of yarn went around the room again. Her last instruction was to toss the ball to someone in the room and tell what that person had contributed to the group. When we had finished, we noticed that there was yards and yards of yarn strung out all over the room. The yarn, though, had not made a mess but had made a web, crossing over itself, supporting itself, and making each of us its points of connection.

 Some of us saw what Linette had meant to show us; that is, that Beta Sigma Phi was that web of yarn, that Beta Sigma Phi was an intricate web of friendship. A place where we all are connected to each other, to give each other strength, wisdom, advice and love. These are the women we go to for understanding, advice, laughter, solace in times of sorrow. Beta Sigma Phi is the yarn that is there to support and connect us and is itself supported by the women who have joined and will join. But like that web of yarn, it is only as strong as the points where it is connected.

 We keep this program on our shelf. During our times of turmoil, it helped us remember why we joined Beta sigma Phi. It also showed us where our diversity was and who we were more strongly tied to. We are now about to reach our third birthday and despite our chapter splitting last year we are continuing to grow. We started this year with five members, two of whom were pledges, and have grown to eight, with more new friends waiting to join. We are now a very cohesive group and are there to support each other. Through hard work, we have cultivated our ideals and are now watching them grow. We have also used this program at rushes. It is a great way to get to know potential members.

 Upon reflection, our chapter decided that this not only made a great program, but could serve as a great theme. We do, of course, live in the age of the World Wide Web. We thank our sister Linette for working so hard these last two years as vice president, passing the Torch to others. She has been a great source of strength, love and, most of all, beauty. "


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