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A chance remark led to the writing of this special ritual ...

 Beta Sigma Phi's Ritual of Welcome had its beginning in a chance remark by a transferee. She commented that she had not felt a real part of her new chapter until ... they asked her to help with a ritual.

 The remark struck a sympathetic chord in another member, Grace Guderjahn, of California Xi Epsilon Eta, Los Angeles. Not many months before, as a transferee, she had experienced the same loneliness, and she figured chances were good that all transferees felt the same way. To her, rituals in Beta Sigma Phi seemed to engender a special feeling of belonging, so why not have a ritual to WELCOME TRANSFEREES INTO THEIR NEW CHAPTER!

 Mrs. Lynn Terry, author of Beta Sigma Phi rituals, used the ideas this transferee wrote as suggestions, in writing the RITUAL OF WELCOME.

from the October 1963 issue of The Torch

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