The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Black and Gold of Beta Sigma Phi


At International there is a framed group of snapshots with BLACK AND GOLD RIBBONS as part of the background. There are creases in the ribbons which show use and much handling. There is a lovely story of caring that goes along with those ribbons and the snapshots . . .

In 1958, Elsie Guenther of the International Staff planned a vacation to see the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian Coast. She said to Mr. Ross, "While I am there may I have permission to organize a few chapters in Australia?" Permission was granted and Elsie set off.

When the ship docked in Australia, Elsie´s courage wavered. A strange land where she knew no one, a whole new continent, so many miles from home. As she looked at the many strangers waiting to greet the passengers, she thought would it not be better to go right back to my cabin and return to a familiar world?

But wait! There was something familiar! A large bow of BLACK AND GOLD RIBBONS was being waved enthusiastically! Elsie´s courage returned. She knew those colors and she knew that wherever she went there were Beta Sigma Phis. She was right. A member-at-large had learned of her proposed visit and had cared enough to meet the ship and identify herself with the BLACK AND GOLD OF BETA SIGMA PHI.

All the rest of her life Elsie carried those ribbons wherever she went. They were a reminder that the hand of Friendship in Beta Sigma Phi is far reaching.

And, so it is for you and me . . .


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