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 The Rose Garden
 Contributed by: Karen M. Ing, Editor, "The Beta Journal"
Source: Author - M. Garren © 6-15-1988 revised © 5-23-95

 Friendship's Tapestry

So often when I think of you and all the times we shared
My heart is filled with thankfulness to have a friend who cared
enough to listen to me tell of joys and trials.
You're being there has been enough to change my tears to smiles.

The subtle love between two friends is so hard to define.
It is not a square or circle or even a straight line.
It's somehow like a tapestry with colors soft and bold
yet deep within the weaving there are tiny threads of gold.

Yes, rare and oh so lovely are your friendships' threads of gold
For they will last a lifetime and then when my story's told
Someone will hold my tapestry and turn it towards the light
and tiny points, those threads of gold will gleam and shine so bright.
And they may think - it's just a thread like green or red or blue-
Perhaps they'll never ever know that golden thread was you.

But I've been thinking lately how you've touched my life just so -
Of how you are so dear to me - and I wanted you to know-
That even if you're next to me or though we're miles apart
Your golden thread of friendship still will weave within my heart

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