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 Contributed by: Karen M. Ing, Editor, "The Beta Journal"
Source: Author - Kelly Kenny-Edwards

 Friendship Quilt

I met you (or you met me) The very first stitch was sewn,
And through the years these common threads
Into a quilt have grown.

As I look back, I'm not quite sure
Just how our quilt was made
Or when it was that its foundation
Was to simply laid . . .

Where were those times when I was sad
and you were always there
To fix those threads that had come loose
And patch my quilt with care.

The joyous days seem better still
Fond memories were built
And we could bask in grateful times
Inside our comfortable quilt.

and once or twice (though I'm not sure)
Our lives were growing apart
But loosened threads cannot be broken
When sewn with love from the heart.

You met me (or I met you)
Our sewing is finally done
And through the years our friendship quilt
Will bind our hearts as one.

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