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  • Only one article submission at a time. If you have more than one article to submit, please fill out the form again and submit it.
  • All articles are reviewed for subject matter and content. If yours does not appear in that month's E-Edition, please know it will be in one of the future editions.
  • Place the body of the article in the PLACE ARTICLE HERE box. Please try and edit the content/grammar and spelling before submission. Copy and pasting from your Word program seems to be most effective method of transfer since it's hard to see your typing in the small box below. - Please remember to print the copy of what you submitted after you hit the submit button to retain for your records.
  • All submissions are due by the 25th of the month. Submission doesn't guarantee your article will go into that month's edition if submitted by the deadline. This is just a deadline guide. I will try my best to get it in if possible. You will be notified when your submission is received and if it will be in that month's edition or not.

  • Aritcles/Ideas/Submissions Needed are:

    Unique Socials...
    * Describe what you did to prepare and how you put it together.
    * Send copies of patterns and instructions by E-mail.


  • Electronic (digital) Pictures can be submitted in jpg, gif or bmp formats to Karen M. Ing by E-mail Attachment.

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Deadline April 25, 2005


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